Ndi-Igbo United Forum Worldwide( NUF) Hails A Rare Spirit Of Unified Purpose On Today’s Sit-at-Home

It has been widely alleged that Igbos don’t ever agree among themselves, hence the very unpopular proverb; “Igbo enwe eze” (Igbo does not have a king). But today, Monday, August 9, with the near 100% voluntary compliance with the sit-at-home agreement among Ndigbo, the enemies within and outside, have been disappointed yet again!

The sit-at-home agreement, which some analysts have been erroneously reporting as an “order from IPOB,”is a clear litmus test on where Ndigbo stands on the issue of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. There was no intended hooliganism or tyranny from anyone, against anybody.

Ndi-Igbo United Forum Worldwide, hails the very rare unity of purpose among Ndigbo. The sit-at-home, is a justified and legitimate act of Civil Disobedience, aimed at projecting the collective will of Ndigbo, on a very contentious issue that has an Igbo Son at the center stage. The idea is to pass a clear signal to the whole world, that we will no longer accept to be marginalized in Nigeria!

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NUF is very impressed with the success recorded. The message passed, was Crystal Clear!

However, we strongly condemn the pockets of violence reported in some parts of Igbo land, particularly in Anambra and Imo States, where two persons were allegedly killed, and properties destroyed. Violence, hooliganism, wanton destruction of lives and property etc, are attitudes very alien to TRUE IGBO SPIRIT. We wish to vigorously reprimand whichever group or sect that is responsible, even as we charge the Security Operatives to quickly swing to action inorder to ensure that Justice is speedily served; for all genuine Igbo sons and daughters were indoors throughout the period of the lock down on Monday (today). NUF does not in anyway, support or even make excuses for any violent group. Our Primary Business is all about Igbo Interest, nothing more, nothing less.

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On Nnamdi Kanu, we continue to declare that an injury to one, is an injury to all. On that note, we will continue to legitimately call for his immediate release. We will also be open to any, and all legitimate means of agitating for his release. By and large, Nnamdi Kanu has been agitating for a better deal for Ndigbo, and on that note, NUF is in agreement with him. We however abhor hooliganism, violence and haughty grandstanding in the cause of the agitation.

Authentic Igbo Spirit/Culture, welcomes Freedom of the human person, hence the room for agreements or harmless disagreements on issues. We are encouraging all interested parties and groups, to always ensure that whatever measures they would be rolling out, must always be executed with a strict adherence to Fundamental Human Rights.

In Unity we stand, and our enemies will crumble, but in disunity we crumble, whilst our enemies will triumph. We must always stand as ONE!

Hon. Chief Chinedu Mba, nwakaibeya na Nkanu land,
B.O.T Chairman, Ndi-Igbo United Forum Worldwide.

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