Nibo And Awka Land Crisis: Open Letter To Governor Willie Obiano

Nibo And Awka Land Crisis: Open Letter To Governor Willie Obiano

By: Nwabana Chukwubuikem



Your Excellency,

Just like the Herdsmen, the Awka Land thieves have developed a strategy of invading other communities farm lands clearing and killing everything in their way, while the Herdsmen use their herds and guns as instrument of destruction, the Awka Land Thieves/Invaders uses Bulldozers and Guns.

For both the Herdsmen and the Awka Land Thieves, one thing must be achieved, destroy all farmlands, kill anyone that stand on your way and dominate his land.

These two group of marauders carryout their nefarious acts with reckless abandon due to the fact of their alleged protection from security agencies who look the other way while they orchestrate their terror.

The Awka Land Thieves are a group of Awka men whose stock in trade is land grabbing. Their activities have been on for a while but got to a humongous proportion with their recent boost by the appointment of an Awka born Deputy Inspector General Of Police (DIG) Celestine C. Okoye. The DIG like the Godfather of an Italian drug gang has ensured that the Awka Land Thieves enjoy police protection and cover. A man appointed DIG to fill the South East slot in that exalted position has reduced himself to a clannish overlord.

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The Anambra State Commissioner of Police and the Anambra State Police Command have consistently looked the other way while the Awka Land thieves invade other community’s farmlands. This is obviously because the DIG Celestine C. Okoye left such instructions. Many communities have brought their petitions before the Commissioner of Police who refused to sincerely look into the matter.

A case at hand is the invasion of Nibo Community recently. The Awka Land Thieves have rolled their bulldozers in Nibo Community for nearly two months. Ndi Nibo, a peace loving community have resorted to the use of legitimate approaches rather than self help. While the Police in Awka has consistently looked the other way despite barrage of complains and petitions from those being invaded, the invaders are busy destroying people’s farmland and brandishing guns while bragging that they have their brother DIG Celestine C. Okoye and as such have the police in their pocket. The body language of the police hierarchy in Awka has consistently corroborated this fact.

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A process of breakdown of law and order is slowly but gradually setting in in the fringes of the capital of Anambra State due to the failure of the state and government agencies to do the needful. The whims and caprice of some criminals who wish to grab and sell other people’s lands for self enrichment and the selfish interest of a supposedly top notch police officer(s) (DIG Celestine C. Okoye) who had been promised acres of land from the said land in return for police protection is about to drag Anambra communities into avoidable conflict, blood letting and wanton destruction of properties.

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The government of Anambra State, the DSS had all been duly briefed and are here by called upon to act now in order to save Anambra State from another agony similar to the Omor/Umumbo proportion, right in the heart of the capital territory. It is a natural reaction for a people to resort to violence and self help in the light of obvious failure of government.

All well meaning members of the public must lend their voice to this and call the Awka born DIG Celestine C. Okoye, the Commissioner of Police, Anambra State and the Land Thieves Kingpins to order. A total breakdown of law and order will not do anyone any good. “A stitch in time saves nine”.

Nwabana Chukwubuikem
Nibo, Anambra State.

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