Nigeria Ex International Sports advisers will help in the fight against Insecurity

Nigeria Ex International Sports advisers will help in the fight against Insecurity

Nigeria Ex International Boxer Mazi Ikechukwu Okoronkwo is calling on President Buhari GCFR and Governors to seek advisers from retired Nigeria Ex international Sports men and women from diverse Sports in piloting the affairs of the State.

According to Okoronkwo, Active Sports from the Grassroot in Nigeria ” to State, National and International level is another part of Education.

Because personal experience and exposure amount to wisdom

Therefore For Nigeria to improve on Security there is need to include Nigerians that had international experience especially ex international Sports men/Women as Special advisers to the President and Governors.

When this is done The Issue of Insecurity will be put to an end

Special advisers from various Sporting Field is what I am talking about.

That will bridge the gap between the people from the Community and the State.

Those advisers would work direct with the President or State Governor.
In review and development of concerned policy and Principles.

A Nation that allowed those with International experience to die without giving it out, have no future.

Roles of direct Special advisers should be different with Commissioners or Sport Directors.

Because when it come to youth and Sports, both the Presidency and the State must have Special advisers from diverse sporting Field.

Those advisers must not be active member of any Sport board.

Eventhough the Advisers must be ex international drawn from retired Boxers, Athletics, Footballers, ,Tennis, Judo, wrestling, Basketballer,weight lifting, chess, swimmers among others.


(1) In Anambra State Someone like Former Africa Heavy Weight Boxing Champion Mr Ngozika Ekwelum should not be left alone to die without giving out policy advise as Special advisers to Governor of Anambra State for the future of the youth.

It is glaring that His advise would help Anambra State Government to reshape the sports of Boxing in that state and other Security matters.

(2) in Abia State People like Former National Boxing Coach Obisie Nwakpa policy advise as Special adviser to the Governor will contribute to Fight Insecurity in Abia State

In Delta State Former Nigeria Striker J.J Okocha Policy advise as Special adviser to the Governor will help for unity among the people.

In North and Southern Nigeria
Special adviser from Sporting background to Governor will help for peaceful co existance among the People.

Which will reduce Insecurity to the lowest level.

Because It will boast the moral of the younger ones.

It will bring, patriotism,Hope,Faith, Honest on purpose in youth empowerment program among others.

We put Nigeria in the Hands of God

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