Nigeria Not Right For Revolution Says Former Lagos West Senatorial Candidate Nkem Chibogu Kenneth

Former Lagos West senatorial candidate of the United Progressives Party, UPP, Nkem Chibogu Kenneth, has called on Nigerians to stop the #RevolutionNow protest which took place in some parts of the country stressing that “Revolution is not right at the moment in Nigeria and most Nigerian are not even ready for Revolution.”

According to Mrs. Kenneth,
“Revolution is usually organized by people of common ideology to challenge the excess of the incumbent government and it usually characterised by violent demonstration as well as resistance from Government forces. Which simply means revolution can not take place without violence and blood shed.”

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She went further to give few examples of countries where revolution took place and the resultant effects

‘For instance, the Iranian revolution took place between 1978 – 1979 to check the dynasty of Muhammad Reza. During this period in Iran, there was series of demonstration as well as confrontation from the government force and close to 3000 demonstrator lost their lives. 

“The same thing happened in Tunisia revolution of 2010 when the Tunis protested to end the long term rule of Abidine Ben Ali. The demonstration occur for about 28 days where about 300 demonstrator lost their lives and it eventually led to thorough democratization of the country.”

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She opined “that Revolution is not right at the moment in Nigeria and most Nigerian are not even ready for Revolution.”

She warned that but Revolution inevitable ( either now or later) if this issues like; the level of inequality and impoverishment within our society’s population,
the degree to which our population is divided along Ethnic and religion lines, perception of corruption among government officials, level of armament and degree of loyalty of government’s military forces, proximity and level of involvement of other countries that either support or opposed development and success of revolutionary movement and many more are not addressed urgently.

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“Truth is Nigeria is overdue for a radical social change albeit revolution but will the price be worth it?

“Certain salient questions need to be addressed. What sort of political ideology are the revolutionaries going to portray. Right wing? Left Wing? Communism, Socialism, Feminism?

A wise man once said if you Fail to plan, you are planning to fail” she concluded in her contribution on the issue.

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