Nigeria Will Never Break Up But It Can Be Reconfigured – Adamu Garba

Adamu Garba

Former Presidential Candidate, Adamu Garba has told some Nigerians that are agitating for secession to desist from it henceforth as Nigeria will never breakup.

Speaking through his Twitter handle, Adamu Garba saith that reconfiguring Nigeria is more realistic than secession.

For days now some Nigerians have been sharing the #BiafraNationNow and the #YorubaNationNow hashtags on social media calling for secession due to high level of insecurity in the country.

Reacting to this, Adamu Garba advised them to rather channel their strength into thinking of the best way to make Nigeria better.

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“For those of you who make fun of trending #BiafraNationNow or #YorubaNationNow, know that Nigeria can be reconfigured but will never break up. You should rather put more effort in thinking of the best reconfiguration program for Nigeria than some few thousand retweets“, Adamu Garba said.

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