Nigerian Youths Made A Difference, By Hon. Toni Brown Odunze

By: Hon. Toni Brown Odunze

Good morning beloved compatriots and fellow youths of our generation. I know how demoralising it was listening to the speech of the President of the federal republic of Nigeria H/E President Mohammed Buhari. We felt we all have failed, we were like “how did we get here?” What have we done? Where do we go from here? What’s the way forward? and so on. Most of us felt we have failed by the president not saying what we wanted him to say during his speech. Brothers and sisters, great patriotic youths of this country, my ever articulate youths, if we say we have failed, we all lie. Do you know why? Let me burst our bubbles. Do you know that since the history of this country, this is the first time the youths have spoken with one voice no matter where you are both in the country and in diaspora.

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The protest wasn’t a tribalistic protest. I observe that the Igbos protected the Hausas and the Yorubas. The Yorubas protected the Igbos and Hausas. The Hausas protected the Igbos and Yorubas. We faught with one reason and aimed at the end of the tunnel together.

And do you know the unique part of the whole thing? There are two unique part of it all

Firstly; the protest spread like wildfire and was with one voice.

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Secondly and the most loving part of it was that we had no leader. We had no one spare heading the protest. We made the politicians know that even without a leader, we could shake this country.

Have you thought of how it would have been if we had a strong, unwavering and unshakable vibrant youth leader who is articulate and not a selfish entity. Let me leave you to think about that.

Today, I am putting it to all Nigerian Youths that we have achieved a lot these past few in a short while together. We have sent a terrible and horrifying message to the government. Don’t be demoralised. Don’t be downtrodden. We’re victorious together but individually, we’re very weak. I’m calling on all Nigerian Youths to embrace peace even while demanding our rights. Let’s not be tribalistic about this precedings. I enjoin the youths to employ peace and tranquility. Thank you great youths of our time.

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We’re strong together!!
We’re not tribalistic!!
We’re Nigerian Youths!!
We made a difference!!
We move!!

Hon. Toni Brown Odunze
Ikuku Oma Mbaitoli
Ikemba Mbaitoli

Njoku Perfect
Publicity secretary

Cc; Federal government
Nigerian Youths

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