Nigeria’s Current Situation Is Precarious, Says PDP

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The Peoples Democratic Party on Thursday described the current situation in Nigeria as precarious, saying Nigerians were in distress. The party’s National Chairman, Uche Secondus, stated this in his speech at the PDP 86th National Executive Committee meeting held in Abuja. He claimed that Nigerians had been degraded and were no longer proud of their country. He noted that rather than abating, the nation’s security situation was getting worse daily. According to him, the hopelessness in the security situation is underlined in the statement of the military hierarchy early in the week that the morale of soldiers were low while Boko Haram incursions had continued. Secondus said, “The killing of soldiers and civilians by Boko Haram terrorists in the North-East and the bandits in the North-West has continued unabated. “Few weeks ago, angry youths in Katsina, the home state of the President, had to dump the bodies of 18 persons killed by bandits in the Government House for the government to bury and feel the pain of burying. “How else can a people whose government cannot provide basic things like security demonstrate their anger and frustrations? “The truth remains that under the watch of President Buhari and the All Progressives Congress, Nigeria and her citizens have been degraded and people are no longer proud of their country.“ The PDP chairman also alleged that the election of the National Assembly leaders was characterised by corruption. He added, “While the executive is having their wish in the 9th Assembly, the PDP, as the main opposition party, is uncomfortable that the level of corruption that preceded the emergence of the NASS leadership is capable of undermining the desired robust legislative activities. “Having ‘purchased’ the leadership of the parliament, we expect the cabals to now fully take over and dictate the show at the legislature. We have even seen the first sign of what is to come when the APC group in the Senate killed a motion to debate the June 12 speech of the President. “Only a conquered parliament with credibility challenge can shy away from discussing a major address of a President just sworn into office, but that is a sign of what is to come when choosing legislative leadership is heavily monetised by a regime that claims to be fighting corruption.” Secondus expressed the disappointment of the PDP over what he called the embarrassing roles of some of its members at the National Assembly during the election of their leaders. He said party loyalty demanded that members should stick to the party at any given situation. The party chairman also warned the present administration against blackmail former President Olusegun Obasanjo and a former Minister of Defence, Gen. Theophilus Danjuma. Secondus also faulted Buhari’s June 12 speech, saying that it failed to advance any pragmatic solution to the myriads of problems facing the country. He said the reports of the international observers on the 2019 general election vindicated the PDP’s position that the elections were rigged in favour of the APC. He said, “I cannot finish this address without drawing your attention to the report just released last week by some international bodies that observed our last general elections. “In particular, the European Union Election Observation Mission, the America-based National Democratic Institute and International Republican Institute. “The reports of the three highly respected international bodies confirmed the feeling of Nigerians that the election that produced President Muhammadu Buhari was marred by irregularities and therefore fell below credibility standard.” The chairman, PDP Board of Trustees, Senator Walid Jubril, said the party would soon return to power. He said the BOT was confident in the ability of the judiciary to dispense justice at the election tribunal.

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