Nnamdi Kanu And 22 Mysterious Things You Should Know About Him

1. He is the leader of IPOB, the most united freedom fighting group in the world today.

2. He is an unelected Governor of 5 South Eastern and 2 South South States from 2017 to 2018 under Buhari regime in Nigeria politics.

3. He is the only man that called a president of country “a mad man” before thousands of political sponsored judges in a law court and vowed that they can’t jail him and nothing happened.

4. He is the only handcuffed prisoner in the world that commands the security agents to get out of his way while walking majestically into a court room.

5. He is a leader who saw tomorrow and travel round the world without a single international passport.

6. He is a humble prince of Afara Ukwu Kingdom who was raised in the land of the light but decided to come to the land of the darkness to die for his people to be freed.

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7. He is the only man who is a world leader but he doesn’t have a car of his own or any single money in his bank account.

8. He is the hope of the oppressed in Biafra Land. He is not extravagant. What an economical leader who never stay in a hotel room as other world leaders do. He humble himself by always staying in a common house with IPOB members throughout his Local and International tour.

9. He is a leader who is not greedy and cannot be purchased with money or compromise in any means.

10. He is a man from wealthy home but is always ready to die for the least poor in the society.

11. He is a man millions of people are ready to die for so he shall live forever.

12. He is the only man in the world who instruct millions of his people using a microphone from a far foreign land without a single confrontation and they obey 100%.

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13. He is a leader who fulfills all his promises countless number of times.

14. He is the only man that millions of people all over the world,both the rich and poor are calling another saviour.

15. He is the only man who conducts a protests in every country of the world at the same day.

16. He is the only man in the whole world which millions of people all over the world listen to his live broadcasts at the same time.

17. He is the only man in black race that asked the whole greedy politicians in Biafra land not to come abroad again and they all stayed back due to fear.

18. He is the only man shaking the foundation of Nigeria and ready to destroy it with only truth (ordinary word of his month).

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19. He is the only man who refused the opportunity of making money or selling out his people in one Nigeria like Nwodo, Joe Igbokwe and other Biafra politicians even when they were begging him to collect oil wells, Dubai mansions and bags of dollars.

20. He is the only man who refused to belong to the rich class while his people are suffering.

21. He is the only unelected and most respected leader by his people in the world today.

22. He is the only leader that Rainbow follows around whenever he is on public outing in the world today.

What a kind of man is Nnamdi KANU?

By John-Paul Ugwu

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