Nnamdi Kanu: Open Letter To South East Politicians

For that last 30 days Mazi Nnamdi kanu was kidnapped in Kenya, you guys have maintained silence just because you all were complicit to his illegal rendition.

Listen up, the major reason we are following Nnamdi kanu is because he was able to do that which you so called politicians have ignored since just because of a useless idea of one Nigeria and what you all are benefitting.

I want to advise you so called governors, senators and other politicians from Igbo land to make sure nothing happens to Nnamdi kanu. I mean let nothing happen to you.

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Again, you all must understand that the People of Igbo have unanimously agreed for independent from Nigeria and you few criminals cannot dictate for us!. Never!. We can’t continue in slavery because of few of you…

As you all have sold Nnamdi kanu to the enemies, should anything happen to him, the options will be either you kill us all or all of you leave South East.

I am not speaking for south south, but as far as Enugu, Imo , Abia,Ebonyi ,and Anambra is concerned, we the youths are saying enough to Nigeria and should anything happen to our leader who has salvaged us from fulani jihadism, we will face you because you’re our worst enemies..

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All your kids are living abroad, they have access to good education, security and future while you sell us here,loot our resources and still want us to remain in slavery.

Enough is enough………

Emeka Tony Chukwu

Writes from Enugu.

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