Obaseki Vs Edo PDP: Oshiomhole has been vindicated?

The emergency political marriage between Obaseki and the Edo state chapter of PDP is anything but rosy. It was a marriage propelled by the need for political dominance in Edo politics.

In the build-up to the elections, Oshiomhole was portrayed as a villian by the PDP and their sympathizers. They tried to sell the dummy that Oshiomhole is the problem of Edo politics. They told us that Oshiomhole did not allow Obaseki to perform as much as he could have.

For the record, I never bought into such propaganda. I consistently insisted that it’s a cheap propaganda meant to divert attention from the real issues. Yes Oshiomhole is not a saint, but the fact is, he didn’t have the powers to stop the governor from performing. Obaseki’s performance or lack of it was not about Oshiomhole.

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Today, Oshiomhole has practically gone under politically in Edo state and beyond. He is no longer in the same political party with the governor. The governor is now the leader of a part different from Oshiomhole’s. So, at least Oshiomhole is no longer available to be villified for Obaseki’s performance.

Several months into Obaseki’s administration he is not able to even form a cabinet. For me, I can’t phantom the direction of the government. I rate the first administration when Oshiomhole was still in the picture far more than now that he’s no longer in the picture. It’s been from troubling party politics to controversial policies on Edo state for months now.

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Many residents in the state are worried about the turn of events. They say this is not what they expected. They believe that the governor’s performance in this second term is not satisfactory so far. They are hoping that things will improve for the better.

If things continue the way they are in Edo state now, I believe Oshiomhole will be vindicated at the end of the day. In fact, some believe that he has already been vindicated. Like someone said to me recently, “Oshiomhole was never the problem of Obaseki’s administration”.

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