Odumeje In Enugu Lion Building: When, Humility, Kindness Pays In Bad Coins

Odumeje In Enugu Lion Building: When, Humility, Kindness Pays In Bad Coins

By Sylvester Stanley

For those who know Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, the humble and open hearted gentleman occupying the Enugu Lion building, he is down to earth, and runs the most open door policy as governor.

Ugwuanyi has set aside all the mysteries surrounding that office and made it accessible even to the weakest, poorest and lowly placed in the society.

He does not compromise anything that will jeopardize the peace which he has brought to bear in the state.

A politician in Enugu once accused Ugwuanyi of pampering workers, the opposition and the people. For him, an iron fist would have yielded more dividends in coercing the people to dance to the tune of government.

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Fast forward, and the controversial prophet from Anambra, Chikwuemeka Odumeje visits.

For a ‘notorious’ prophet whose ego was battered when he was manhandled by security men when
Kano governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje visited Anambra Oil Magnet, Prince Arthur Eze, (video went viral) there must be a way out.

In his bid to showcase himself, as he always does in every little opportunity, the humble Enugu Governor became a target.

Next his presence was announced in the Government House, and in his usual openness, Ugwuanyi agreed to see him.

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Today he is paying the price.

Many have criticized the governor; so many unprintable things have been said about that visit, which he innocently granted.

Yes, the controversial prophet got what he wanted and made a short video which has been circulating.

Why some people have queried the governor’s protocol and security for allowing him take those shots, many have also argued that it was good people saw what happened.

For this school of thought, the story may have been different if it was a closed door outing. More sinister motives would have been suggested. People would have queried why the visit was made secret.

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In all, the video clips were able to show, it was just another visitor in Enugu Government House, a public place where anybody can access.

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