Okorocha: The Law Is Supreme

One doesn’t need to be a professor of government or a legal luminary to know that the Executive arm of Government is the force of the government and has the inherent duty to use force legitimately to uphold the rule of law and ensure order in any community. This is too basic that it was taught in primary school.

This is why I was amused when Ex-Gov Rochas Okorocha demanded for a court order when he invaded the premises of Royal Palm Estate, sealed off by the Imo State Government. Perhaps Rochas has become so rusty in his understanding of government just few months after leaving office and do no longer understand the powers of the state that he used menacingly when he was the Governor.

Let me refresh our memories: Emeka Ihedioha during his stint as the Governor of Imo state did set up a Judicial Panel of Enquiry to investigate wrong acquisition of lands and review lands taken over by the previous administration without due process. The panel drew it powers from the Imo state Judiciary Panel of Enquires Law created under the administration of Rochas Okorocha. To do it job efficiently, the panel invited memoranda from the general public – interested groups and persons. Let me reiterate again, this panel wasn’t set up by Gov. Hope Uzodimma but former Governor, Emeka Ihedioha. All what Gov. Hope did was to allow the panel to continue with its enquiry for the general good of Ndi Imo

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The Panel did complete it seating and sent a 74 pages report with recommendations to the Imo State Government, which the state gazetted and it became a supplemental legislation, having the full backing of the law. It was based on this that the Imo State Government sealed the premises of the Royal Palm Estate as recommended by the Judicial Panel of Enquiry and gazetted, haven been built on an area specified as a green verge.

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The framers of our laws understand that the state doesn’t hold the monopoly of being right all the time, this is why the court exist for anyone to seek redress. Ex-Gov. Rochas can’t be so rusty that he has forgotten the role of the court. He should have known that he has no powers to challenge the authority of the state and remove a seal placed in a premises by the Imo State Government. By taking laws into his hands he sought anarchy, perhaps, deliberately, to attract public sympathy and create bad PR for Gov. Hope Uzodimma

I must commend Gov. Hope Uzodimma who despite being away from the state followed the due process of the law in reinstating the authority of the state. He reported the breach of public peace by Ex-Gov. Rochas Okorocha to the men of the Nigerian Police who responded immediately, restored normalcy, made arrests and ensured that the legitimacy of the state action was restored. No one is above the law, Ex-Gov Rochas Okorocha surely isn’t above the law and can’t take the law into his hands.

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Gov. Hope Uzodimma has only acted in accordance with the recommendations of the judicial panel of enquiry following the dictates of the law anyone who feels otherwise should approach the court and not to challenge the authority of the state with the false assumption that they’re above the law

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