Open letter From A Fulani Man To Nnmadi Kanu Over The Creation Of Eastern Security Network

Nnmadi Kanu

Dear Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, I am writing this letter to you because I know that you are blessed and intelligent, why can’t use your intelligence to build Nigeria of our dream? I know you have a lot to offer, it will be better than trying to separate the collection of people that God put together. The creation of Nigeria is beyond us, it is purely a plan of God.

We recommended your action to save life and property of your people, but you can do that without trying to disunity the good people of Nigeria. We have shown Igbo the brotherly love and accommodated them to our land in peace. Why do you want the story to change in Southeast? Why is it that northerners can’t do their business with harmony in your land?

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The Eastern security network you created should be a helping hand to the Nigerian police, not to be a threat to any tribe. you don’t have any right to chase away anybody in this country, only the government can do so. And they are trying to sanitize all the regions from criminality.

I watched some of your videos on Facebook and I give it a thumbs down, you know why? Let me tell you the reason. it’s wrong to be telling youths that dividing is the solution. But you failed to understand Nigeria can never divide, dividing is not what we need. Unity and peace is the solution.

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Your tactics on discording us won’t work because we are Hausa/Fulani, we are Nigerians, we let the peace reign between us because that is the only path our forefathers left for us. Thank you.

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