Open Letter To Buhari Over The Increase Rate Of Cross-Dressers In Nigeria

Open Letter To Buhari Over The Increase Rate Of Cross-Dressers In Nigeria

In life, always have it in mind that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. And everyone was created differently, but some individuals decided to be called Cross-dressers, by wearing dress made for the opposite gender. Bringing us to the fact that the cross-dressing aspect it is gradually trending and becoming a norm. Making me to write an open letter to the president of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari. 

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Dear President Muhammadu Buhari

Am writing this letter to you as a concern citizen over the high rate at which Cross-dressers are increasing daily within the country, it calls for urgent attention before it gets out of hand. It is gradually becoming a norm for some men to dress as women. The trend is now been accepted and continues to grow among Nigerians.

And I suggest a new law should be passed against such act. This is not part of our culture or tradition. The most popular cross-dresser is no other than Bobrisky. Bobrisky, also known as Okuneye Idris, has become an international sensation among Africans. 

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And most men that has turned to cross-dresser sees him as their role model. I call on the president to take this matter serious and pass a law against it before the upcoming generations sees it as a norm and start dressing like women. 

Yours faithfully, 

Good citizen.

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