Open Letter To Mr President: An Urgent Need For A Cabinet Reshuffle

Open Letter To Mr President: An Urgent Need For A Cabinet  Reshuffle

The President and Commander in Chief,
Federal Republic Nigeria
Aso Rock Villa.

Your Excellency Sir,
We represent a large number of Nigerians as well as APC faithful’s who have consistently supported you since 2015 when you won the presidential election through a landslide victory.
We seize this opportunity to congratulate you on the great achievements and successes in running our dear country Nigeria. We see the dividends and are thankful to have a leader as yours at this time.

Your Excellency, Mr. President, the reason for this letter is to inform you that our country Nigeria is in a state of emergency and there is need for you to call for patriotic and selfless individuals to work with you to make your impact felt again among us. Nigerians are unhappy, disillusioned and agitated about the state of the Nation and this is caused by the way and manner some of your appointees run the country without any iota of conscience and have locked us all in their tenterhooks.

Your Excellency, Mr. President, permit me to draw some examples on how your Ministers have consistently abused their offices and run the country like their personal business. As these behaviours and acts are constantly being ignored, we believe that this will eventually erode the confidence the nation has in your administration.
We would like to mention just a few of the present situations that need your independent investigation to draw the truth.


Mr. President Sir, you may be unaware that one of the reasons why Nigerians supported your second term in office was a result of the positive impact of the National Social Investment programme introduced by your government to create jobs for 500,000 Nigerians. The N – Power Federal money programme under the NSIP was also a thing of joy as most population at the grassroot benefitted immensely form this. Unfortunately, Mr. President this Programme has been politicized by the Honourable Minister who has turned this noble programme into a promise of sharing/participation.

Ordinarily, when your government came into power, Nigerian youths participated in the programme and were selected all over the country in a competitive and transparent manner which gave confidence to the administration of your government. Secondly at the public hearing of the Ministry of Humanitarian, Disaster and Social Development at the National Assembly as publicized on national television; it was a show of shame as it clearly showed that the Minister does not understand how to run this programme. She showed a very poor knowledge of the activities carried out by the National Social Investment Programme. You may also wish to know that stipends for beneficiaries of the programme are no longer paid regularly. Mr. President should not allow this programme to fail as that is the only hope ordinary Nigerians have to feel the impact of your government.
Do not take our word for it Mr. President as these are verifiable facts.


The Ministry as strategic as it is, has consistently been bedevilled by the excesses of the present Minister in charge of the Ministry. It is no longer news as the ongoing battles between him and agencies under his supervision have made the employees they are meant to protect to suffer under his whims and fancies. Worthy of note also is how he has been alleged to obtain presidential approvals without following due process all for personal gains. You might have been informed Mr. President, how Dr. Chris Ngige unilaterally turned down your nomination of Chief Frank Kokori as Chairman of NSITF and planted his stooge Mr. Austin Enejamo – Isire against your instruction. This we believe should not have been swept under the carpet as it undermines your authority as the Commander in Chief of our great nation.
What is no longer news is how the Minister flagrantly abused his office in connivance with his wife who is the Permanent Secretary in the Head of Service by coercing an agency under his Ministry to favour certain companies for contracts. Mr. President, this is totally not in line with your agenda of integrity and transparency.


Your Excellency, Mr. President, we wrote years ago on the rate of corruption going on in the NDDC and we are very excited that you approved a change in management and also followed up with a forensic audit of this organisation. However, we watch with regret and point out the horrific incidents happening between the Minister of Niger Delta, Senator Goodwill Akpabio and the Ex Ag. MD of NDDC, Joy Nuneih. There has been allegations and counter allegations bordering along corruption, sexual assault, intimidation and abuse of office. Mr. President, we appeal that you do not take all of these issues likely as this will no doubt erode your good intentions for this country. This underscores the need for an investigation alongside our plea for an urgent cabinet reshuffle in order to prove to Nigerians that your word that “You belong to nobody and belong to everybody” stands true to date.


Mr. President it is in your wisdom that you inaugurated the Presidential Advisory Committee against Corruption (PACAC) chaired by Professor Itse Sagay. We would enjoin your Excellency to please follow some recommendations and observations of this Committee as it relates to the ongoing shenanigans happening between the Minister and one of its agencies, the EFCC.
There is no doubt that some of these agency heads have crossed the line in terms of accountability. However, one cannot rule out the fact that most of these supervising Ministers have become very highhanded and vengeful in their pursuit of their personal agendas and this has blinded them to being objective in the discharge of their duties. We therefore plead Mr. President that you would take a closer look at this issue and take a decisive action.
These are just a few examples of various situations within this government. Time will fail us to even talk about other Ministers and how the Ministers continue to fail this administration.

In Conclusion, Mr. President, we urge you to as a matter of urgency look into our plea for a cabinet reshuffle as this does not only create room for accountability from those whom you have entrusted with so much, but it would also ensure effectiveness in this Administration to enable the citizens reap further the benefits of democracy which you have always promised.

May we leave you with the immortal words of Martin Luther King Junior “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Long Live Mr. President.
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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