Open Letter To Ondo State Workers


Dear Sirs/Mas

I write to you as a concerned citizen of Ondo State and as a man who understands your plight.

As you all are already aware that election into d Alagbaka number one seat is around the corner in Ondo State. I expect you to all know that, in time like this no politician will ever say the truth to you. Therefore, u should be careful about what you hear and what you believe.

I’m not a politician, so, I am in the best position to talk to you and tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. I make bold to tell you that I left politics in February, 2017 and I can boldly and honestly tell you that since that 2017 till today, that I have never attended any single political meeting of any political party.

I challenge anybody who saw me in any political meeting to say so here.

Be that as it may, I know that as civil servants, your priority is your salary and that is the angle from which you are expected to assess any Government. If a govt cannot pay your salary regularly and no reason could account for such failure, such govt doesn’t deserve a single vote from you.

I will advise you to stay out of politics for your own interest, bcoz truth can never be found in politicians. They will only use you and dump u after getting what they wanted from you.

I heard that the present govt of Ondo State is promising you the prompt payment of your monthly salary and in justifying that, the govt keep on making reference to the 7months salaries that Mimiko owed workers before he left govt and which they had paid. That has always been their point of reference to deceiving you to believe that they don’t joke with your salary payment.

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Honestly, I laughed whenever I read such statement from their Facebook E-Rats.

I laughed when I heard that dis present govt is boasting that he paid up d 7months salaries arrears it met. I heard that many of u were hailing them when they said so. I heard that many of u started calling Mimiko unprintable names for owing u d salaries then.

Let me burst your brain and then reset it back bcoz I know that you have been so brainwashed by dis govt.

Now the image dis govt is painting to u is that they love you more than d govt of their predecessor. My people do not buy that lie o. Remember Mimiko was paying salaries before 27th of every month then, an unprecedented policy, before the entire country went into recession. To me Mimiko showed u much love than any govt.

If u give this lying govt second term, I can assure you that you will not receive salary for one year. Let me prove this point to you bcos I don’t talk without providing evidence. You know I am a lawyer and so should be talking with facts and evidence. That’s my calling.

Any time they come to you with the campaign that they paid up the 7 month salaries arrears, just ask them these three questions;

  1. How many States out of 36 States in Nigeria didn’t owe salaries during the period that they claimed Mimiko owed 7months salaries?

If they answer by saying only four States didn’t owe salaries then. Then tell them that, it means it wasn’t Mimiko fault then bcoz d issue seemed to general and or global. It means if Aketi was govnor then, he will also owe such amount, if not more, like his friend in Kogi state that owed 17months.

  1. Ask them again that how many States didn’t pay up the arrears of salaries after Nigeria recovered from the recession that led to the States owing salaries then.
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If they say no State that has not paid up all the salary arrears. Then tell them that it is therefore not an achievement for AKETI govt bcoz every State was able to pay bcoz d country went out of recession.

  1. Finally, ask them how many States in Nigeria that is owing salaries now or paying half salary every month now?

If they cannot mention any State, then tell them that, you cannot trust them with a second term bcoz there is no reason why they are owing or paying half salaries now.

If a govt is for no reason owing salaries now, my brothers and sisters, it only shows that they don’t care about u and your children. Such man will surely not pay u any salary for 1yrs in his second term bcoz by then he will not b looking for your support again for anything. Please, be vigilant !!!

You should understand that Mimiko could not pay up then bcoz of d global recession, and it affected 32 States in Nigeria then. But can anybody explain why it is only Ondo State that is paying half salary now out of the 36 States in Nigeria? No reason. They even embezzled Coronavirus palliative meant for you which was given to them by federal government.

My brother all these only go to show that dis govt is anti workers. They don’t love you. They are paying you half salary and they are increasing d tuition fee of your children. I wonder how they expect you to get money to pay the tuition fees with the half salary. Pure wickedness.

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Their number two deceit now is d reduction of d tuition fees for tertiary institutions when election is around the corner. When they added to d tuition fees, you begged them not to, and your children protested, but they govt didn’t listen. Ask them who now begged them to reduce it? Hmmm they want to lure you into voting for them and after your vote, they resume into their torture room and start torturing u and your children with wicked policies.

Don’t be deceived.

In conclusion, I do not recommend PDP to u, bcoz I know that there is no difference between PDP and APC, but I am recommending Eyitayo Jegede to you. I have sat down with him, engaged him in serious discussion and I can boldly say that you and your children will be safe inside his Ship.

This proud, arrogant, careless, disrespectful, rudderless etc govt is not an alternative to anything. Not even an alternative to agitation for zoning of d seat to d Southern district.

Another 4yrs of bad governance can take us backward to 20yrs. Just imagine yourself not being paid salary for 1yrs. What such will take away from u can never be recovered in the next 20yrs.

Please, be wise. God bless you all.

Yours faithfully,

Crown Prince (Barr) Omolegbon Olawale Odusola.

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