Open Letter To President Buhari: Please Come To The AID Of Rivers People

Wike Nd buhari

We are calling on the Federal Government to come to the aid of Rivers people. Our governor has taken over advantage of the prevailing situation in the country to milk Rivers State dry.
He has subjected Rivers people to untold hardship because of his selfish interest. He is demanding money from Federal Government, he has written letters to companies in Rivers State with the threat to quit them, that they should give him money to fight Corona virus.
When he locked down PH we thought he had a plan to fumigate PH, share Mask and Hand Sanitisers or take any drastic measure but his aim was to target companies to bring money. He said that he will only lift the Lockdown when he is satisfied with the compliance of the residents of Port Harcourt. He have no plan but to make gains.

We heard that Access Bank built Isolation Centre at Yakubu Gown Stadium, SPDC and Federal Government brought Test Machines, Companies and some individuals brought the palliatives he was sharing in Rivers State. Now, what has our dear governor done?
Everybody is angry with the way he demolished two hotels in Rivers State without court order. He was the complainant, prosecutor, the judge and the executioner.

Federal Government should come to our aid, they should take any measure to curtail his excesses. He has subjected the residents of PH to an excruciating hardship. Human Rights Activists, Civil Society Groups and well meaning individuals should challenge Rivers State Government in court. Court should declare this greedy and selfish Lockdown null and void. Even though courts has closed but we have emergency courts. We are dying, we need help.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


(1) Dr Johnson Uchehule (PHALGA)

(2) Engr Fineboy Egwuatu Amadi (Obio Akpor)

( Please share this post everywhere until it gets to President Buhari)

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