Open Letter to Senator Uche Ekwunife

Senator Uche Ekwunife

Comr. Oyeh Johnkingsley, I find your article seeking to draw the attention of Senator Uche Ekwunife as it relates to the next Governorship election interesting, but unfortunately lacking in truth.

Though Senator Uche Ekwunife is yet to declare her intention to run for the next Governorship election, your position do not disqualify her in anyway.

In your letter, you posited that ndi Anambra will never allow a woman to serve as Governor. Well, need I remind you that Anambra has already had a female Governor in the person of Dame Virgy Etiaba. What Anambra needs in 2021, is a Governor who will serve their interest – be it a woman or a man.

Coming to zoning: Anambra South presented candidates even when it had been said to be the turn of the other zones. So it matters less which zone Senator Uche Ekwunife will be identified with assuming she decides to contest.

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If she decides to contest, she will run as a bonafide citizen of Anambra State. Her having roots in Anambra South and Central can only be an added advantage for the people. It cannot be a disadvantage!

Comrade Oyeh, you may wish to note that Senator Uche Ekwunife was born as an indigiene of Anambra South, raised and did her elementary education in Onitsha, Anambra North and today is happily married to the Ekwunife family of Nri in Anambra Central. She was born an Anglican, and today by virtue of marriage is a practicing Catholic.

Oyeh, if truly you are a political scientist as you claim, you will understand that Governance is about inclusiveness. Anyone who possesses the ability to associate, understand and reach out to more interest groups is more positioned to do well if given an opportunity to lead.

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Having said this sir, it is important to note that Senator Uche Ekwunife is yet to make her intention to contest the next Governorship election known. This means that she understands the need to deliver on the mandate given to her by the people of Anambra Central. With the next Governorship election being about 2 years away, there is enough time to judge Senator Uche Ekwunife’s ability to govern Anambra State based on her political antecedents and current mandate. For that reason, I think it is rather too early for you or anyone to draw a curtain on who has the best chances of emerging the next Governor of Anambra State.

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You and I are well aware that power belongs to the people and they will give it to whomever they find most worthy.

On this note, I will like to thank you for your interest in Senator Uche Ekwunife’s political decisions. But bear in mind that choosing the next Governor of Anambra state is a project we all must take seriously, as the collective destiny of our people lies on it.

Thanks and God bless.

Kingsley Ubani,
Special Adviser (Media and Publicity) to Senator Uche Ekwunife.

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