Opinion: When Your Country Leaders Do Not Respect You Or Treat You Like Human Beings


Our leaders are vision less., no aims and ambitions , no pride or love for their people. severely limited by primitive tribalism and religious bigotry and constrained by large scale sell out to foreign governments. Selling out the future of their own people into the third and fourth generations. Worse still, supported and encouraged by some notorious religious leaders.

You see that’s why the Chinese can treat Nigerians like crap in their own country as well as abroad. And nothing will happen because our own leaders do not give a crap about their own people. That’s why thousands upon thousands of Nigerians die in Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen related attacks and we do not hear one word of sympathy from the presidency. No compensation for the loss of life and property and no determined effort to defeat these terrorists. Where is the leadership? None. Clueless. Hapless. Hopeless.

We have leaders who measure their success in office by how much money they can steal and enrich their cohorts in crime, by the promotion of selfish ambition and how many houses they can own abroad. Yet our Nigerian citizens are languishing at home and abroad trying to scavenge a living out of a hopeless situation.

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These are the same leaders we voted into office as they promised us heaven and earth only to deliver hell. They cannot provide the basics for their own people like light, water and good roads but they can copycat any new technological trend from the west that provides no immediate value or relief for the populace. These shameless people would rather fan the flames of tribalism, religious division and hatred, while raiding and pillaging the country’s wealth and resources, than cater to the needs of ALL Nigerians.

They have sold the nation out to thieves, robbers and foreign governments like China just as their counterparts of old sold out their people into cruel slavery for meagre rewards. Further evidence of black leaders having no love or respect for their own people.

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Look at how Nigerian soldiers and police brutalise their own people daily, with no mercy. Yet they were signed up to defend their country and protect its citizens. Imagine, severely beating Nigerians with utmost sadism and cruelty and for the most trivial of offences. Recently some barbarians amongst our forces killed some people who were simply looking for the means to feed their families in a stupidly organised lock down situation; a lock down situation in which only the rich have the means to stock up for lengthy periods of time. Further evidence of poor leadership, poor organisation and complete lack of empathy for most Nigerians.

That’s why the Chinese/Indians/Arabs etc can be racist to Nigerians both home and abroad and nothing will happen. Our leaders have sold us for 30 pieces of silver and just like Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus, these so called leaders have betrayed their own people.

The current situation cannot be allowed to continue. Something has to give; we must demand and fight for change and we must refuse to be part of any shambolic rigged election. We should and must vote out bad leadership to give us a chance to survive in a highly competitive, unstable and divided world. Please start to speak up and hold these leaders to account every step of the way. Do not tire, do not relent, do not waiver, the future of all our children depends on US. It is time to act like MEN and stop whimpering into your religious and tribal enclaves.

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Unfortunately there are bigots, primitive tribalists and religious fanatics among us who thrive on division and hate. We must expose them, shame them and remove their influence from all forms of government and leadership.

If all Nigerians come together irrespective of religion and tribe, we can conquer the enemies that surround us at home and abroad. But if we keep killing and maiming each other , we will not too long from now become extinct.

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