Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu Seeks to Add Value to Governance in Edo State

By Triple Ojey

The feelings by Obaseki and his infinitesimal supporters to think that the Great man of God and political generallisimo of Edo state, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu is after the job of the incumbent governor of Edo state is a wrong assumption.

God will not give us the temerity and human disposition to eye the job of a man widely acclaimed as myopic, politically incompetent, abusing his powers, disregarding the constitutionally prescribed independence of the three tiers of government, lack listening ear to party rules, chieftains and leaders and above all disregard rule of law.

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POI was never taught by any section of the book of life to disregard authority or anyone who made you smile or laugh when you weren’t prepared. Neither was he ever taught that the man who provided shelter for you when it rained should be ridiculously disregarded and booed when he needs a return of such good gesture.

So it is out of place for Obaseki and his cheap media aides to think that POI is interested in taking over the job of Obaseki. Obaseki has no job at present. If he does, we will know. Obaseki is like a confused man in a forest who got missing just because he feels he now knows the forest more than the hunter.

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In politics you have to reasonably know the game to stay long. You don’t allow the Eldorado of the office overshadow your ability to know that people work assiduously hard to bring you in.

We have a system in Edo state that collapsed in the hands of Godwin Obaseki and his political hallelujahboys that needs restitution and Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu is come to the rescue of Edo people.

It is better that people don’t say POI is out for Obaseki’s job. He does not have any.

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Instead the highly qualified and competent man of God, aka POI is on a MISSION to restore the values now in distress courtesy of the unruly governor.

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