PDP Not Better Than APC – Sam Nkire


A member of the national caucus of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Sam Nkire, has said the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), is by no means a better political party than the APC.

In a statement to debunk PDP’s propaganda against the ruling party in Abuja, Nkire said the PDP needed to be more objective and constructive in its criticisms of the party in government.

The APC stalwart advised the PDP to remember the last time and not allow its frustration, occasioned by its successive losses, becloud its vision, if any.

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Nkire said PDP had a chance which it blew, adding that it would be a tragedy to again blow away its present opportunity to be and to play the role of an objective and a constructive opposition party.

“What the PDP needs now is to undertake the Herculean task of convincing Nigerians that it has learned a bitter lesson from its ugly past and that it is now ready to make amends.”

Nkire, who was also the pioneer leader of the APC caucus in Abia State, appealed to both Nigerians and friends of Nigeria to support the APC-led government in its efforts to overcome the problems of insecurity and unemployment now ravaging Nigeria and the world.

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