Photos: Lagos Goes Tough On Traffic Offenders, Forfeits Offenders’ Cars


The Lagos State Government is at war with traffic offenders in the state and it’s taking the campaign against one-way, driving on BRT lane very seriously. The RRS team arrested two men who drove against the traffic at Ikeja.

According to RRS team who took to Twitter to warn drivers of the dangers of one-way driving said, these two traffic offenders who were arrested by our officers on Patrol along Opebi Road have been transferred to Lagos State Task Force and they’ve been charged to court. The verdict, forfeiture of the vehicles to the Lagos State Government. Please obey traffic rules to avoid your car being impounded.

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Citing the Lagos State Traffic law, the RRS team said any vehicle that drives against traffic or passes through the BRT lane has committed an offense against the state. Read the code cited as obtained by Akelicious

Penalties for Neglect of Traffic Directions.

Where an officer of the Authority is for the time being engaged in the regulation of traffic on a highway, or where any traffic sign being a sign for regulating the movement of traffic or indicating the route to be followed by vehicle has been lawfully placed on or near a highway in accordance with the provisions of this Law, any person driving or propelling any vehicle, who-

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(a) Neglects or refuses to stop the vehicle or to make it proceed or to keep to a particular lane or direction of traffic when directed to do so by the officer in the execution of his duty; or

(b) Drives his vehicle against oncoming traffic or fails to conform to the direction or indication given by the traffic sign, shall be guilty of an offence, and shall be liable on conviction for:
(i) 1st offender one (1) year imprisonment and forfeiture of the vehicle to the State;
(ii) 2nd and subsequent offender three (3) years imprisonment and forfeiture of the vehicle to the State.

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(c) All offenders shall have their data and biometrics captured.

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