Policemen Beat Activist Gwamnishu For Trying to Save Street Hawker Being Assaulted

 Harrison Gwamnishu

A Nigerian human rights activist, Harrison Gwamnishu has lamented on social media after police officers battered him, tore his cloth for asking them to stop assaulting a street hawker they were chasing in Delta state.

Instead of listening to him, one of the officers gave him a blow.

He shared the story on his Instagram page.

This morning, I was driving along Okpanam road Asaba when I saw Armed mobile Police officers assaulting and chasing a street hawker with gun. I later identify them as Task Force attached to Delta State Ministry of Environment.

I pleaded they stop brutalizing the hawker and carry out their duty in more civilized manner. One of the officers gave me a fist blow and started assaulting me.

I kept my cool as it’s against my ethics to fight or abuse any human.

The officers left me and started abusing a young man making video and tried seizing his phone and we all refused.

From no where one Inspector Philip came and held me and started dragging me that I’m under arrest. THIS I RESISTED, on what basis will you arrest me? What is my crime, he could not explain.

While he was dragging and abusing me, I almost lost my breath and I had to removed my hoodie before a senior police officer attached to Legislative Quarters intervened and they freed me.

I quickly called the State Commissioner of Police and he intervened.

I wish to thank everyone that saw me, stood with me and followed me to Police Headquarters where we met the State Commissioner of Police.

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