Re: Rochas Okorocha Is Not At Lost And Wont Be At Lost With Uzodimma’s Sacking Of Rochas Foundation College From Imo State

BY: Ezeafurukwe Paul Ihunanya

…proceeds of illegality remains illegal and cannot be converted for charity.

Going through the write-up referenced above and credited to media team of former Governor Rochas Okorocha, as conflicting in facts and ignoramus is analysis, it became pertinent that a proper perspective be made available for the interest of the general public and in schooling the author and his compatriots.

Conflict of interest is a very simple phenomenon and doesn’t require advanced tutoring to understand and as such feigned ignorance over it amounts to shear wickedness and purposeful deceit to audience. This is a pinch on the ignorance to the fact that one cannot approbate and reprobate at the same time.

No doubt, the Rochas Foundation is a non governmental organization owned by Rochas Okorocha and operates on charity as claimed in the content. However, you do not give out what doesn’t belong to you in the name of charity and no amount of sentimental / emotional blackmail would justify the fact that the land in question was illegally and inappropriately acquired.

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Imo Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) is an institution of the state under the supervision of the Executive Governor through the Honourable Commissioner of Information. If former Governor Rochas Okorocha had good intentions for the state in line with development, one would expect that he reach out to IBC and proffer solution to developing the quarters for the original purpose for which it was acquired.

But out of greed and shear wickedness, the land was converted from original purpose into private and selfish purposes. The foundation in question belongs to Rochas; the Governor at the time was Rochas; the Commissioner for Lands at the time was Rochas’ son in-law; the beneficiaries of the allotment are Rochas’ associates. The repetitive appearance of Rochas in this analysis contravenes every known laws of the land bordering on public office holder in relation with the acquired property.

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The Rochas Foundation remains a private business (weather profit or nonprofit oriented) of Rochas Okorocha and as claimed by the writer, should they deem it fit for a land from the state government, there are appropriate processes and procedures that needs compliance and the government of Governor Hope Uzodimma would be glad to assist in anyway approved by the law.

It is illegal to subvert administrative procedures for a selfish aggrandizement all in the name of charity.

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