Reasons Why FG Should Dissolve The Eastern Security Network

Eastern Security Network

Nigeria is the giant of Africa. Even with the ups and down in the economy of the country yet there is no Africa country that can be measured up to the level Nigeria has become in the last 60 years. Nigeria is a developing country, and her government is doing all it can to develop the economy and strengthen the borders. The rising of Eastern Security Network is a sign that in coming years Nigeria will be divided. You will recall that boko Haram insurgency started just like this, little by little they got out of control and they are one of the challenges facing Nigeria’s security today.

Now, the reasons why Eastern Security Network should be dissolved immediately by the federal government are numerous, but I will just hand pick four main important ones out of many to discuss in this article. 

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1. Division

The quest for having a separate security network apart from the country’s security is a sign that in coming years to come the Igbo tribe might stir up division in the county. Recall that the last civil war was as a result of this same issue that is ongoing in the country. I am of the opinion that, the present government use it’s supreme power to dissolve the Eastern Security Network before it grows into a wide beast that has no control.

2. Conflict

Having two different security agencies owned and controlled by two different bodies is a sign of conflict and disunity. Nigeria’s economy cannot move forward in a chaotic environment. The government needs to dissolve this Network immediately for the country’s own safety. Note that if other ethnic groups sees how successful the Igbo Eastern Security Network appears, they too will agitate for theirs and it will definitely bring conflict and division. We are one Nigeria, we are United by love and unity.

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3. Underdevelopment

Foreign investors cannot invest in a country that is divided. The rise of Eastern Security Network is a sign of division because the Network clearly stated that her assignment is to safe guide the Eastern and south south part of the country, then what will happen to the western and northern part of the country. There is no way the both can flow together, the federal government should look into this issue before it becomes too late. This is my opinion and I stand to be corrected.

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4. Risk of Another Civil War

The Eastern Security Network pose a great risk for another civil war. Having a separate group of vigilantes that is not controlled by the federal government is something that calls for check-up. We are United, there should not be division amongst us because a country cannot move forward with a divided mind.

In conclusion

Federal Government should consider the consequences of allowing this body to grow and take immediate action. Also, dialogue should be used to settle this issue because violence cannot solve any problem. This is my humble opinion and I stand to be corrected in the comment section.

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  1. It’s always useful to read such articles especially when you’re so distrustful as I am. From my own experience, there’s only one website whose authors I can believe – as for many years I’ve been following their advice and guides and I’ve never been misled.

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