Rochanomics: Imo Had No 17Bn In March But Leaves 42Bn Cash In Imo Account In May?

It is characteristic of the ex-governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, to trade and thrive on doublespeak and falsehood. This is typing out again with his claim that he left N42 billion in the treasury of Imo State for the governor, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, CON, KSC.

Earlier in his retrogressive eight-year tenure, Owelle Okorocha, cowed and hoodwinked not a few Imolites with his deliberate selection of con diction that deceived many into believing that he was the Messianic governor Imo ever needed.

It even led to the emergence of a school of thought that attempted to float the concept of “Rochasnomics” to indoctrinate the people with the voodoo economic theories of the self-acclaimed omniscient and omnipotent governor. But Rochasnomics never flew beyond Douglas House and among its few advocates and adherents. It was dead on arrival.

I reason that it must be the spirit of the failed Rochasnomics that was invoked recently to force the all-fronts embattled ex-governor assert that he left N42 billion in Imo State bank accounts, where few weeks earlier he swore to plateau of hell that Imo State had no N17 billion in any bank anywhere that could be looted.

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The now ruling party and the Council of Elders Advisory Council had reported that there was an illegal withdrawal of N17 billion by the then governor. In a swift response he debunked the report as an allegation and urged the people to disregard it as Imo State had no such money as N17 billion in any bank.

At least that was his position as reported in a press release signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Sam Onwuemeodo, entitled: “Imo PDP Members In A Hurry To Resume Looting”. In the said press release, the governor, inter alia, stated thus: “They either talking about non-existent N17 billion that has been withdrawn by the government or talking about the lands to revoke and the vehicles that have been auctioned or threatening fire and brimestone. And when they were challenged to say where in Imo one can find N17 billion to withdraw and whether the money was withdrawn cash or by transfer, they evaporated.”

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After that approbration, the same Rochas was to rebrobate few weeks after to say that he left N42 billion in Imo State bank accounts for the new governor. And expectedly his mouth organs, Sam Onwuemeodo and Onwuasoanya Fcc Jones, blew their tunes hyping the lies and falsehood of their boss.

The world to see the banks that will see the banks that will confirm the account balances up to the tune of N42 billion that are not fresh retribution and repartriation paid in by the ex-governor to save his skin and his long journey to Kuje, if he manages to outsmart the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The questions agitating the minds of not a few people include, how could Rochas have saved N42 billion and yet could not pay workers for Easter? How could Rochas keep N42 billion in Imo bank accounts and yet the inners of Government House and Governor’s Lodge was in such terrible condition of advanced decay? Why did Rochas reserve N42 billion when he owed Imo pensioners N57 billion? How come Imo had N42 billion cash in banks but very important roads in Imo were eaten up by “acidic rains”, building roofs torn into shreds by “sulphuric winds” and the  street roofing frames thrown down by “phosphorus hurricanes”? Are the rich also poor?

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The borderline remains that Rochas started with lying and ended with lying, lying is his only truth! Only very things can Imo people count as the fulfillment of any promise that was kept by Rochas from 2011-2019! With Rochas and his sagacious bravado and braggadocio, all I can tell Imolites is, “Caveat emptor!”

To the glory of God, however, Gov. Emeka Ihedioha has already proved to be a man of integrity, probity, transparency and accountability in his words and deeds so far as governor. At the end of his RebuildImo administration, the song will be: Ihedioha started with honour and ended with honour, his word remained his bond!

By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A

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