Rochas ISN And Kanu’s ESN

On Feb. 25, 2021, the Recovery train of the Uzodimma Administration berthed at the Royal spring palm Estate, a Property that is situate on a government land, and was developed with a public diverted funds.

In line with the findings of the Committee of inquiry constituted by the Ihedioha Administration as inherited by the 3R Administration of Uzodimma found out that this property out of many on radar was acquired with public funds and must be recovered and returned to the people as indicated in the white paper, the government did as direct in the white paper but it was met with stiff opposition by Okorocha’s Family who threw caution in the wind and resorted to self helps which was an outright affront to the government and the people of Imo state, thus the arrest of Owelle and some of his associates for illegal trespass on a government sealed property.

How Hell was let loosed

After the encounter at Royal spring palm estate, Many uncouth statements was credited to Okorocha, statements that are capable of making the state ungovernable but little did Ndi Imo that many things are in the offing and those statements were just arrow heads while what we are witnessing today is the Body. Okorocha said on a national TV that;

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“If Uzodimma want peace, He should hands off all his Properties, that his quietness is not a sign of cowardice”

In a separate occasion, he was quoted as saying ” Uzodimma hates him so much”

With the above statements, one can sense danger but little did we know that it will be to this magnitude.

*Imo Security Network *(ISN)*
Okorocha’s Administration gave amnesty to known criminals in the state where the his administration recovered over 1600 guns of different calibre and other dangerous weapons from these criminals some were said to have been rehabilitated and reintegrated into the society while some was recruited into the state owned security network code named, ISN. On the expiration of Owelle’s administration, no mention was made of those guns and other weapons nor their where about and those members of the Imo Security Network (ISN) was not demobilized nor any record(s) of them returning the Weapons back to the state government.

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Swimming with the Tides

On Dec. 12, 2020. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu announced the formation of *Eastern security Network *(ESN)*, the possible threats this network may pose was cashed in on by these criminals that was let loosed by the Okorocha’s Administration. They started with attacks on individuals with government affiliation or government appointees, they graduated to attacks on Police and military formations and their checking points, the above attacks gave birth to what we now know and referred to as *UNKNOWN GUN MEN* in Imo state. This quickly got its foot in other states of the East. They planned it to look as if that the attacks are perpetrated by IPOB’s Eastern Security Network , though they are not ruled out from all other attacks as seen in the state and beyond but due to some involvement of other criminals who are loyal to Rescue Imo Administration’s associates, her sympathizers got involved, Imo is now seen as the epicentre of the whole unrest in the South East.

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Finally, The Uzodimma administration needs to do the needful in bringing to book all the non state actors who may be implicated as soon as possible in other to make sure that Justice is served and respite given to those who has lost any one through the stray bullets and those who suffered any loss whatsoever for I am very Hopeful that IMO MUST PREVAIL at last.

The Government must not relent in the full implementation of the white paper recovering all of Imo stolen wealth.

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