Ruga Settlement And Grazing Is Forbidden In Any Part Of Igbo Land – Group

The Igbo National Council (INC) wish to thank the people of Nenwe Aninri in Enugu State for their patriotism, boldness and courage to defend their community against planned invasion or neo-colonized by the Fulani Jihadists and Miyetti Allah.

The Igbo National Council (INC) will continue to stand shoulder – to – shoulder in solidarity with the people of Nenwe Aninri and any other communities in Igbo land in our resolve to defend the father land from unholy invasion and neo-colonialism by foreign Jihadists militia.

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We therefore call on our political elites, community leaders of Igbo Race to stand up to the present realities, re-organize and strengthen the capacities of their youth groups, community vigilante groups and the Town Union Government  in readiness to protect our ancestral heritage and humanity at large.

Consequently, we call on the Governors and State House of Assemblies of the South-East and South-South regions and Benue State to immediately make declaratory statements in strong condemnation and outright rejection of the proposed establishment of RUGA Settlements in Igbo Land by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

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We wish to state emphatically that the business cattle raring are private business which has no overriding public interest. Our lands are also our own source of livelihood and our heritage.


Chilos Godsent
President, INC

Zulu Ofoelue
Secretary General

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