It’s Time Nigerian Health Sector Adopts Euthanasia – Lawyer


Akelicious saw a conversation started by a Nigerian lawyer which many find uneasy on twitter. It is about Euthanasia aka mercy killing where patients with terminal illness ask medical doctors to help hasten their death so as to relief them of the pain they suffer.
@suntalkeredo believes it is high time the Nigerian Health sector adopts Euthanasia. Some Nigerians however believe it might never see the light of day here because of our religious belief, Akelicious  reports.

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Read and tell us if you agree that Euthanasia should be allowed in out health sector;
“i have a question. why isn’t Enthanasia (mercy killing) allowed in Nigeria. Haven’t we gotten to a point where we need it. A patient that’s terminally ill and in pains should be allowed to tell the doctor to put them down without The doctor incurring any criminal liability. ��‍♀️��‍♂️

i think section 311 of our criminal code criminalizing acclertion of death should be reviewed. Nobody wants to suffer or see their loved one suffer slowly knowing eventual fate. i think people should hv a choice to take their own lives in this scenarios. whats ur opinion?”

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