Secondus As A Metaphor,His Harvest Of Party Members Through Reconciliation

Uche Secondus apc

By Abubakar Mallam

The ongoing reconciliation moves by PDP leaders has taken a new dimension with the grand intervention of the party’s leadership which included members or NEC and NWC drived by Prince Uche Secondus,the Indefatigable National Chairman.

This unique decision that started from the party elders who have agreed with the consent of NWC led by the Chairman is yielding unquantified multiple results.

The two way reconciliation committee with determination to reconcile the teeming party members across the country and also attract new ones towards the total victory’ of the People’s Democratic Party PDP in the 2023 general elections has waxed stronger.

The wave that had convinced two former giant leaders of the country and two former Senate Presidents no doubt will convince many Nigerians into doing the party’s bid in 2023.

This is also enhanced and enriched by many former Minister’s,federal lawmakers, ambassadors and prominent politicians in the country.

The courting and incontrovertible return of the maverick ,outspoken and controversial former Minister,Femi Fani Kayode FFK, whose position and statements is always a guide to the international communities,with pressure from ruling APC, could be regarded as the cut of ‘Big Fish’ by Secondus led chairmamship of the main opposition Party.

This is also enabled by the convening and conviction of the federal lawmakers in the green chamber who are representatives of the massses at the legislative arm,with plans to meet the Senate caucus in the shortest possible time in the course of reconciliation.

The most commendable efforts of the Prince Uche Secondus led leadership is the convening of members of the lower house,who are direct representation of the people both at the grassroots and the federal level in decision making.

This spirit of repositioning the Party by the Prince of River State is now the rallying point for many Nigerians and party members, to key into the project of returning Nigeria to another progressive part of glory.

The leadership of the Party is carrying out this well thought out programs with undeterred moves to put in place zonal leaders inline with the spirit of internal democracy and democratic norms.

With the return of the ‘Big Fish’ FFK by the singular efforts of Prince Uche Secondus,the job of mobilisation and re-orientation of Nigerians towards massive support for PDP is now simplified and imminent.

All hands must be on deck to support genuine reconciliation moves by the two notable committees devoid of concealed and inordinate ambition from any quarter ,section or party stakeholders.

What Prince Uche Secondus has achieved and intemd to achieve build up to 2023, will be historical and bring about seamless victory for PDP at all levels in the 2023 general elections and beyond.

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