Secondus: No Victor No Vanquish By Abubakar Yusuf

In the last one year,for no reason Nigerians of PDP supports have bandied all sorts of allegations against the PDP National Chairman,Prince Uche Secondus from accusations of anti party activities,to corruption,to high handedness and lately perpetuating himself in the office as the National Chairman in his attempt to seek for a second term, all without being substantiated,but only for mere political vendetta geared towards settling either old political scores and wounds,or contemplating a new one.

But in all of these,he remained focused,undaunted, unperturbed,workaholic and proactive to the conviction of the top party echelon that consists of NEC,BOT,NWC, both serving and former PDP governors,former Minister’s of PDP extraction and top notchers of the party in and around the country, with a judgement of vindication after many hours and days of brainstorming for a way forward for the main opposition party in Nigeria.

All the gimmicks was at the background of seeing the Prince of Porthar court sacked as National Chairman,as it is ‘Business as usual’ with political parties both ruling and in opposition.

But,Prince Uche Secondus maintained his momentum that the ingredients of politics is collective bargaining through a democratic process and not adopting a military fiat under the guise of feign commiseration and unholy connivances.

His insistence that democratic norms must be exhibited and seen to be sustained in this dispensation,was a departure from the old way and order of doing things in PDP, but another major chapter that had prepared the main opposition party battle ready to wrestle Nigerians from the doldrums of political opportunists.

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Secondus has come,seen and conquered in quest for democratic advancement of Nigeria polity with the vote of confidence passed on him by the top party organs,no doubt to the public knowledge,he remained the best thing to have happened to our quest for a sustained democratic practice using the main opposition party, PDP as springboard.

This ‘Win Win’ situation according to civilain parlance,and ‘No Victor,No Vanquish’ according to military terms adopted during the heat of Nigeria civil war at Aburi conference has alot of undertone as an ingredients of amicable ressolution world over.

But the underlining facts remained on the side of a winner,with conviction that a race or movement was initiated ad has become a norm.

With the wealth of experience of the PDP National Chairman,Prince Uche Secondus since 1999 as a card carrying member of PDP, having acted in various capacities including the National Chairman of PDP and later emerged as the ‘Unity list’ National Chairman of PDP in 2017 along with his executives,he has open up a new chapter of doing things in a civilised and generally acceptable ways not only to political parties,but Nigeria polity.

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His demonstration of political will and temerity that had threatened the ruling party in the last four years to it’s foundation is enough impetus to reward diligence,hardwork, determination and goal getting tendencies of the PDP National Chairman, Prince Uche Secondus.

Many Nigerians are not unaware, not only the PDP members that history was made that in a free and fair poll at 2019, PDP won many states in Nigeria beyond the current contemplations,even though with the desperate tendencies of the ruling party, APC under Prince Uche Secondus.

Not only that,he had laid a solid foundation,not minding the current tactics of harrassing PDP Governor’s to APC in soul but not in spirit in the last few months,Nigerians have already made up their minds to pitch tent with the main opposition party, PDP through the efforts of the current PDP leadership in the last few years in 2023.

This is what the PDP current National leaders intend to achieve before the current distractions that was ressolved to allow the party move forward.

The truth of the matter remains that history will vindicat Prince Uche Secondus whose leadership has challenged the ruling party and the current administration in it’s various anti people’s policies.

It is only in Uche Secondus,Nigerians witnessed protests to embassies, National Assembly and public protests against unfavorable policies of government,day light electoral fraud,this alone had maintained the momentum of democratic practice and norms.

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The fact remains that a masquerade is meant to dance to the admiration of the general public,a stride the PDP leadership had achieved in the last four years.

Playing down all grammatic jargons,Prince Uche Secondus has won a major milestone for Nigeria democratic advancement and a solid foundation for the evolution of Nigeria democracy.

He ran the race and won the race,as undemocratic tendencies witnessed in our polity many years through removal of party leadership is now redressed to the pride of many Nigerians.

PDP remained the flagship of Nigeria democracy,with the current PDP Chairman, Prince Uche Secondus as the hero in all ramifications as he remained the “Victor.”

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