See Reactions As Lady Pushed Up Her Gown To Show Off Her Thighs As Pastor Preached In Church

A lady has shared a video of filming herself, as she pushed up her gown to show off her thighs as a Pastor preached in church.

As soon as the Snapchat video which had a time stamp of 1/24/21 was posted online, commenters expressed total disappointment at her and criticized her.

One commenter said: “Such bad behavior, all to get cheap publicity, same people that will cry fowl and start jumping from ine prayer house to another after entering wrong marriage because they failed to gain their priorities right.

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Just a little time you should spend with your creator for giving you breathe, you use it to seek validation from people who won’t care about you when things go wrong”.

Another wrote: I don’t know what is going on in the world anymore”.

Meanwhile, despite the backlash, some defended her and argued that, not all who goes to church will make heaven.

One person commented: “Her body her life aslong as it makes her happy, yea we care less”

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Another wrote: “Her life her business, nothing concern me”.

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