Shocking: See What Was Found In The Seat Of An Okada In Lagos State (Photos)

A suspected Okada rider was caught smuggling brand new riffles in Lagos.
Here is what the Police Command of the Internal Generating Groups has to say about this Sad occurrence. ” What you see here is mind burgling 2 AK 47 Riffles and 5 Mantles. Each if this mantles contains 30 Rounds of life ammunitions making it a total of 150 rounds of Bullets.
He continued, if you have 2 AK 47 and 150 bullets of life ammunitions, you can cause immense havoc to a community. Conclusively, the Internal Generating Groups of the Police Force tracked clinically executed this task.
Finally, the spokeman said that, there are other suspects on the run in connection with this crime and he assured the people in Lagos and in Nigeria that they’ll track all of them and bring them to justice

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