Shut Up! President Buhari Is Not Behind The Ordeal Of Allen Onyema

As an analyst, it is my job to make sense of things devoid of the beclouded sentiment of ethnicity. I don’t know about you, but it looks bizarre to me anytime I come across phrases like these on social media: “Buhari hates Igbos”; “the ban on rice importation and closure of borders is meant to punish Igbos”, “the ordeal of Innoson with GTBank was orchestrated by the Yorubas and the north against igbos”

With the recent warrant of arrest issued against Allen Onyema of Air Peace for alleged money laundering and bank fraud in the United States, Nigerians are once more debating whether President Buhari hates Ndigbo or not. Unfortunately, instead of critically analyzing the substance in the charges, some Nigerians under the manipulative spell of IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu are already propagating conspiracy theories that he is being persecuted after he betrayed his people.

What was his betrayal you may ask; He happily helped bring back Nigerians from South Africa, the majority of whom were Igbos, following the recent xenophobic attacks. I, see the insinuation that Buhari is behind the ordeal or Mr. Onyeama as an unconscious act of perpetuating a self-imposed and unwarranted sense of marginalization. To remain relevant, IPOB has been consistently and manipulatively been trying to insert their false narrative on trending issues in Nigeria.

Here is what you should know: the warrant of arrest for Onyeama of Air Peace was issued by an American magistrate of the United States District Court of the Northern District of Georgia following an almost decade long investigation. The indictment against Mr. Onyema and Air Peace’s Head of Finance and Administration Ejiroghene Eghagha was for allegedly laundering suspicious funds in excess of $20 million dollars in the US together. This is an allegation and as expected Mr. Onyema and his layers have made it clear that the will challenge the charges in court.

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For Nigerians that grew up under the political environment where arms of government with persecution authorities are used against opposition, it is important to emphasize that the Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) in the United States is not the EFCC Moreover, this indictment of Mr. Onyeama came after an extensive investigation of how the Air Peace founder allegedly conducted the fraud between 2010 and 2018.

So, please, stop the fallacy that Buhari is behind the ordeal of Mr. Onyema because he hates Igbos. This political propaganda that is completely false and based on fear should be seen by all Igbos as a lengthened shadow of ignorance that has consistently kept us in the dark.

So, every Onye Igbo that continues to fall for this crap that Buhari is after Onyema because he is Igbo has lost his or her objectivity and should be ashamed, if there is any sense of shame still left in him or her. This is negative and poisonous.

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A negative attitude is poisonous and can negatively impact the way we feel and act. It is therefore extremely important that Ndigbo should switch to a positive frequency in order to reshape our realities and thoughts. Mr. Onyema’s ordeal has nothing to do with Buhari’s administration under. That’s why I am here to let you know that it’s time to let go of negative insinuations and start with new thinking.

If you don’t change your thoughts, you will only end up torturing yourself more with that painful loop of false insinuations and questions without answers. So, stop playing the “poor me” card. By clinging to the victim mentality that they “hate Igbos”, you get lost in the funk of sadness and self-pity. You fail to take action and exempt yourselves from the risks of failure. You carry extra baggage.

To drop this extra and unnecessary baggage, you should stop following and listening to unhappy and confused people who keep telling you that they are coming to steal your wives and lives. So, give yourself a break. I know it is hard getting out of the victim mentality syndrome but, you should be nice to yourself.

Take a break from all the junk websites and Radio Biafra that have kept you on the edge with fake stories of how the whole world (except Putin) has turned against you. The most important thing you need to do is to forgive President Buhari for any real or imaginary harm intentional or not. After all, he is finally constructing the second Niger Bridge and a befitting Enugu International Airport that Obasanjo and his cohorts have been using to play on our intelligence.

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Also, forget about the irresponsible comment attributed by Laurette Onochie, Buhari’s adviser that “American laws go after those who BREAK them. What a man sows….” insinuating that Mr. Onyema is already guilty. Nope, Mr. Onyema remains innocent until proven guilty.

However, the criminal charges against Mr. Onyeama in the USA are extremely serious and should be treated as such by the quick recruitment of strong defense attorneys.Blaming Buhari or concocting conspiracy theories will not save him, but will only lead to misplaced anger. The anger, in turn, leads to hate. And hate should have no place if Igbos are to reclaim their rightful position in Nigeria. 

The truth that will set you free is the one that will first of all piss you off. Here is one such truth: contrary to what they want you to believe, President Buhari does not hate Igbos and has nothing to do with the ordeal of Mr. Onyema of Air Peace. So, shut up! Igbos should stop submitting to IPOB’s partisan tribalism that is poisoning our politics and derailing our unhindered progress in Nigeria.

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