Simi Finally Apologized To The LGBTQ Community (Gays)

Simi Finally Apologized To The LGBTQ Community (Gays)

It’s all started some months back during Simi YouTube show “Stoopid Session” When Simi mentions the issue of sexuality being a more outspoken issue, religion quickly reared up its head on what was shaping up to be a liberal, free-spirited show when Simi begins with “Everybody will face God,” before clarifying that she didn’t know homosexuality “was happening in Nigeria. I thought that it was an America thing”, and then talking about how she gets texted by girls a lot.

Kiekie agrees that she too gets texted a lot by girls, and that it gives her concern. “I do pause and I look at myself, like, how do I attract a girl.” She goes on to say that she has a “very huge problem” with homosexuality, because “it defaults what I stand for” and “my religion, I live by the Bible.”

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Apparently, straight-up fornication is fine, not at all condemned by the Bible. But homosexuality…Now that’s a big problem that any person who lives by the Bible should have a problem with.

“Sin is sin,” she goes on to say. “Do not tell me that ‘I’m a liar. Accept me,’ ‘I’m gay. Accept me,’ ‘I’m a cheat. Accept me.’ No. If a liar cannot boldly come out and say ‘I’m a liar. Accept me,’ then if you’re gay, don’t come at me and say, ‘This is who I am. Accept me.’”

She also said being Homosexually is unnatural, Nobody is born gay.

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“Sess” one of the show host, countered this however by coming close to point out that religion is not a good enough reason for one to invalidate someone else’s sexuality. “Human beings exist in a spectrum,” he says. “There’s this side and there’s that side. Society wants us to exist in a place that is comfortable, that feels normal. I feel like the essence of being a human being is to express yourself, in any way that you can. At the end of the day, it’s your choice and I respect that.”

This would end up to be the sole voice of tolerance on the show, as Simi, who has become well-known for her feminist views on the social media, goes on to reveal what a bigoted person she is by first pointing out how children are at risk from online agenda that spreads the message that homosexuality is okay, speaking to how religion makes homosexuality an uncomfortable thing for her to understand, and how “it just doesn’t seem natural to me.”

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How ever Simi have taken to twitter to apologize for her our burst on the gay community.

Here is her tweet and See reactions to her apology.

Simi Finally Apologized To The LGBTQ Community (Gays)

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