Single Ladies And Married Women Go Into Online Prostitution As Nigeria Economy Worsen

By Senator-Levite Akpan

As Nigerians faces the worst economy recession in Nigeria history. The hardship in the land is forcing the Nigerian women into online prostitution especially single ladies.

Back in days when there was no internet, we use see street prostitution where men go to their lodge to pick them up for sex.

But today the rate of young girls going into online prostitution is worrisome.
Nigerian ladies have turned online prostitution into another means to earn a living since the government has failed to provide jobs for them.

From my statistics, 45 percent of single ladies are into online prostitution why 30 percent of married women also are into online prostitution and why 35 percent single mothers are into online prostitution. Most of the ladies who go into online prostitution said they use it to pay their bills since they are no jobs in the country.

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I was able to speak with a single mother at one of the social network call meet 4 you where I meant a single mother call Joy who is also call Iya farida. On her status she wrote am here for hook up. I ask are what is hook up, she kept mute but after a while she told me she wants someone who will pay her and have sex with her. Then I ask her why she was doing this. She said she is doing that because she wants to rent a shop and also get a new apartment for her self and her kids.

I ask her if she’s not working, she told me she’s a fashion designer but the money she earned couldn’t meet up her standard of living since she has kids to feed.

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I also meant a single lady call precious who told me she’s not interested in any relationship. All she wants is for the man to pay and have sex with her. I was able to have a conversation with her to know why she was into online prostitution.

She told me she is a graduate of chemistry but she couldn’t get job, so she decided to go into prostitution to survive. I also ask if she didn’t have a boyfriend that Carter for her,but her excuse was guys will come and pretend to date her but after having sex with her, they run away.

Most of the site where you can see these ladies who are into online prostitution are;

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Meet4u, 2go, Baddo, Instant message, Eskimi, Facebook. The rate of single ladies married women and single mothers are into online prostitution is getting high everyday which is alarming.

Most of the girls who are into this online prostitution are into the ages of 20-45 years of age.

If nothing is done to address this menace. Nigerian single men may end up marring prostituted as their wives. Which will be a danger to the society by increasing the rate of HIV/AIDS diseases and many other sexually transmitted diseases in the country.

The government of Nigeria must do all it can to reduce the level of hardship which will prevent women from going into online prostitution.

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