Skyy Fc’s Francis Oteng jabs Kotoko captain Felix Annan

-Kotoko captain [Felix Annan] knows that [cancelling the league] will favour him, that is why he is pushing for the season to be cancelled.

-But he has forgotten that there are other teams who have projected to win the league to go to Africa, so he should not seek what favours them (Kotoko) alone.

-Let us be patient and see what the president says (on July 31)

-Even if we cancel the season, and the September that they want us to start anew is just around the corner, we will need one month and some weeks before we start.

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-So why don’t we wait, play, finish this season, get our representatives then we start a new season all over.

  • He [Felix Annan] is saying what favours him and not representing the interest of all. 

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