Stella Dimoko Korkus Calls Out Blogs Posting Trafficking Stories Against Her


Popular blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus has shutdown rumours that are being peddled against her.

Taking to her Instagram page, she called out blogs posting trafficking stories against her and urged anyone who says she has trafficked him/her to Europe to contact the appropriate authorities with proof .

According to the blogger who is based in Germany, someone is opening anonymous blogs to post trafficking stories against her, and the rumours spreading says that the singles mingles she organizes on her blog is to love-vendor young ladies to rich men and traffic people into Europe for prostitution.

Read her post below:

My name is Stella Dimoko Korkus.I am a Journalist who blogs and blogging is my full time job aside from being a wife and a mother to beautiful teen boys who are my World …..and a husband who loves me with my baggage of drama. I am doing this post to finally shut down all the lies whispered in big circles. When you sneak in here and read this,you will know it’s for you. For years ,aside from spreading that the singles mingles I organize on my blog is to love-vendor young Ladies to rich men,I also hear that I traffic people into Europe for prostitution. You have spread it around all the Billionaires in town not to approach me for adverts because I blackmail people also for a living You tell their wives whom you make friends with not to come near me with a spoon. That was how you spread it and almost made Billionaire OTedollar believe I was the owner of naijagistöive until God disgraced you out of the story. If not for God I know what those who thought I had that website planned for me. Just to bring me down and cause disrepute to my platform you have pitched a lot of people against me. You see honey,your can of worms is about to and will explode soon in your face but until then I come out to boldly say that Blogging and motherhood are the only jobs I know how to do and anyone who says I have trafficked them into Europe to prostitute should please contact the appropriate authorities with proof …please do so and stop opening anonymous blogs to post trafficking stories against me. How far will you go? How wicked can you get?The sky is big enough for everyone. Please let me be. I am on my own lane doing my own thing to make a difference. I was advised to put out this by someone who thinks enough is enough with the lies going on behind. The lies Instagram followers will not hear of cos they don’t belong in the circle it’s being peddled. I am an open book and ready to submit myself up for investigation anyday anytime oh. To all you out there who have been fooled by the lies you hear,please stay WOKE,God is about to change the narrative. Thank you!

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