Stop Crying On Social Media Nigerians React To Aisha Buhari Attacking Daura

Aisha Buhari Attacking Daura

Nigerians have taken to social media to react to Aisha Buhari’s recent attack on Garba Shehu, her husband’s Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity and Mamman Daura, an ally to the the President.

She claimed that Shehu has now be a disloyal person to President Muhammadu Buhari and has shifted his loyalty to others who have no stake in the compact that the President signed with Nigerians on May 29, 2015, and 2019.

This was made known through a statement released on Wednesday.

However, some Nigerians who use the social media app, Twitter, have held nothing back since the news of made it into cyberspace. 

They do not back the wife of the president as she was in support of the Social media bill urging her not to use social media to publicize her plight.

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Here are some o the reactions;

@MrOdanz said, “Whatever issues Aisha Buhari has with Mamman Daura is not the the highlight of today’s news. We won’t be distracted.

Punch Newspaper rightfully branding the dictator in Aso Rock as General Buhari is the highlight of today’s news. Let’s stay focused pls.”

@YoungOtutu said, “Aisha Buhari who is in support of the bill to gag the media.

Is coming to the same media to cry for help & sympathy over,

Mamman Daura’s directive to Garba Shehu to not recognise her office.”

@BhadmusAkeem said, “Small injustice melted out on Aisha Buhari in Aso Rock, she will run to Social Media to cry. But she is advocating for tighter social media regulations. Eskizz ma, you don’t deserve our sympathy/audience, you deserve the likes of Mamman Daura, Garba Shehu and others”

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@FOnyeoziri said, “Aisha Buhari should leave the media out of her power tussle with Mamman Daura & Garba Shehu. Nobody is buying her faux patriotism anymore.”

@Chxta said, “I stand with Mamman Daura.

I clearly remember Candidate Buhari saying that there would be no “Office of the First Lady”. Why does Mrs Buhari want us to make her hubby an oathbreaker?

She should please go to za oza room.”

@Paschalpax said, “Aisha Buhari after supporting social media bill comes to the same social media to cry wolf about Mamman Daura and Garba Shehu “

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@cliqik said, “Summary of Aisha Buhari’s press relase:

-There’s chaos in Aso Rock
-We don’t have a President
-General Buhari is nonexistent in Aso Rock
-Garba Shehu and Mamman Daura denied the first lady a seat at the national treasury,
-She couldn’t take it no more and decide to wail.”

@boluxxxx said, “It’s this same social media Aisha Buhari said they should ban she is always coming to cry. Even Zahra was subbing Mamman Daura once saying he wants to be her stepmother. If they ban it who will they tell all this their gist?”

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