Supreme Court Ruling: Why Atiku Is Coming

atiku is coming

The Supreme Court few hours ago dismissed the appeal filed by the Peoples Democratic Party and its Presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Akelicious reported that the 7-man panel unanimously struck out the petition for lacking merit.

A lot of Nigerians have shown their happiness at the ruling, while some others have shown their anger and disappointment at the ruling.

The Chief Justice of Nigeria, Ibrahim Tanko in the judgement said the details of the judgment would be made available to the general public later.

While we await the landmark judgement, we want to say that the proponents of “Atiku Is Coming” not to despair as Atiku may come afterall.

He may have suffered a major setback now, but even during sexual intercourse, if a man or woman do not ‘cum’ today, he might cum another day if he or she is truly prepared to ‘cum’. The person may need to study what made him or her not to ‘cum’ in the last sexual intercourse and improve, work on things to be done to aid the cumming. It might require more intense pre-intimacy and the likes before the cum really comes.

Now let’s relate sexual cum with ‘Atiku is coming’. For you to achieve sexual cum if you haven’t before means you have to work on events that would lead to your cumming, pre-intimacy and the likes. This entails planning ahead. This may suffice for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar if he really wants to “come’. It may therefore means proper planning, strategizing may make him become the President afterall. 2023 is almost here and there is no gainsaying he stands a good chance if he maintains this momentum. About 60% of the millions who voted him may still have an emotional affinity with him, what he only needs is to step up and convince the remaining 40% to stand by him while also working hard to poach at least 30% of those who voted for Mohammadu Buhari.

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He showed in the last election that he isn’t a push-over as he made the incumbent President stand on his toes and sweat for his victory. He showed albeit faintly that President Buhari’s cult-like popularity can be demystified and wane especially as he won’t be on the ballot in 2023.

Atiku had a better showing in the South West in 2019 than Goodluck Jonathan for example, he also made inroads into the North, having a better showing than what PDP had in 2015.

Mr Abubakar has a great chance to be President in 2023 if he can consolidate on his political structure in PDP. It may appear easy for him in 2023 if APC zones their Presidential ticket to the South. The core North is strategic when it comes to issues of interest as they may port back to PDP if Atiku remains the major contender from the North as a result of APC’s candidate coming from the South.

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Atiku definitely has the contacts, connections and financial war-chest needed to come back to the ring.

Another advantage is that the Post-Buhari APC may have issues. It appears that the rope binding the party together for now is President Buhari. There are a lot of vested interest in APC but they are aligning for now because of the President. The cracks would be visible as soon as Buhari leaves the stage. Internal wrangling within the ruling party may be to Atiku’s advantage if he plays his card well.

By 2023, the Turaki Adamawa will be 76 going on 77 and it will be very difficult for him to emerge as a candidate giving the ongoing agitation for zoning for power to shift to the south in 2023 in the spirit of equity and fairplay.

If the zoning apologists are allowed to have their way, then this will be the end of the road for the former Nigerian Customs topshot who first contested the Presidential elections in 1993 where he lost the highly controversial primaries to the later acclaimed winner of the freest and fairest presidential elections in Nigeria, Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola. He is indeed a presidential election veteran and this may be the time to hang his electoral boots and live the rest of his life in statesman like sobriety.

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Junaid Mohammed, a prominent northern leader said there was no gentleman’s agreement between the north and south to rotate power. If the more populous north is allowed to have its way with the backing of the south west and a subtle divide and conquer strategy to contain the radical elements in the south-south and south-east then Atiku may have one more last shot in 2023 where he won’t be running against any incumbent which may facilitate his victory at last.

William Shakespeare said a good actor leaves the stage when the ovation is loudest. Will Atiku bow out now and probably prop up a trusted protégé like the Biblical Moses who had to back Joshua when he couldn’t enter the Promised Land after he disobeyed God?

2023 will surely tell.

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