Tension in Kwara As Commissioner Tenders Resignation Letter , Accused Governor of Betrayal

Tension in Kwara As Commissioner Tenders Resignation Letter , Accused Governor of Betrayal

…Resignation Centred on N300M secretly withdrawn from Ministry*

*…The Resignation Letter had thrown Governor into Disarray*

The Governor of Kwara State, Mallam Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq is currently in a state of dilemma over the sudden resignation of one of his female commissioners few days ago. the Governor according to top informants have been struggling to persuade his angry Commissioner to return to office so the government would be save from embarrassment that could follow such actions if allowed to fly.

According to an highly classified information from kwara state government house , the former commissioner for local government and chieftaincy affairs , Mrs Aishat Ahman Pategi who was recently redeployed to Ministry of special duties had submitted her resignation letter last Tuesday to Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq and had since made herself unavailable from office.

Mrs Aishat Ahman Pategi who is widely believed to be having romantic affairs with the Governor reportedly sent her resignation letter through one of the DSS officials attached to Governor Abdulrahaman late Tuesday and immediately went incommunicado to an undisclosed destination.

The Female commissioner in her resignation letter which had not been made public expressed her appreciation to the Governor for the privileges accorded her to serve the state since inception. Mrs Pategi therefore announced her resignation at the closing paragraph of the letter while wishing the government well .

But close allies of the female commissioner who confided in this medium narrated how aggrieved Aisha Pategi is over the last 300 millions naira said to have been withdrawn from Ministry of local government and kept with Commissioner for finance without her awareness as commissioner in charge of that ministry

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According to the source , Mrs Pategi later got wind that the 300mIllion naira slush fund are being diverted secretly from local government purse every month since last year . The female commissioner was told that the fund are withdrawn every month on the instruction of Governor Abdulrahaman in connivance with Commissioner for finance, Mrs Florence Adesunbo and was schemed to be laundered by the duo before the information leaked to Aishat Pategi during her last visit to the bank

Meanwhile, Governor Abdulrahaman who received the letter from the DSS official became shocked and unsettled immediately. He then launched a robust manhunt to fish out the aggrieved female commissioner so they both can talk the matter over . Aside from the manhunt , the Governor also directed that the letter be kept away from press or any medium by which the it could leak to the public .

*Aisha Ahaman Pategi Walked out of Governor Abdulrahaman*

But Aishat Pategi who later made herself available to the Governor two days later was said to have expressed her disappointments in the Governor for act which she tagged as betrayal from a man she had shared her heart with . The angry Commissioner was quoted to have said

“Your Excellency , I’m so angry and couldn’t bear the pain, the best way to make myself happy is to leave the job right now and there is no going back . if despite my closeness and loyalty to you and despite all personal issues we both shared , you could chose to connive with that little girl (referring to Commissioner for Finance, Olasunbo), draw over 300 millions naira from my own office without my knowledge , I’m afraid you will put me in serious trouble if we are through in office “

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On hearing her reasons for resignation, the Governor tried to cut in and told her to return back to office but the angry Commissioner became more furious and her voice began to go up from the room .

“Go back to where Your Excellency? She queried Going further , she said

“That can only happen if you explain to me what you and that cheap thing in Finance have been doing with 300M naira being secretly withdrawn from my Ministry , show me any tangible thing that have been done with this money in any local government , that would make it easy to make me rescind my decision “

The Governor who could not utter a word watched as his mistress banged the door and took her exit from his sight .

*Governor Called Etsu Patigi to Prevail on Aishai*

Immediately she walked off, the Governor summoned the Etsu of Patigi to Ilorin and explained what had transpired and how he wants Aisha back in office noting that if she us allowed to proceed on resignation, it will cause a lot of embarrassment to the Government and the damage could be terrible .

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However, the commissioner had met with the Royal father but that could not soften her heart as she insisted she would not return to office unless they showed him where all the 300Million naira have been going to.

*Aishat Pategi to meet with Governor Abdulrahaman outside the state to resolve*

The Governor had over the weekend sent a text to Aishat Ahman Pategi to meet him outside the state so they can both trash the matter off . Although Aishat did not reply to the text but prominent dignitaries have been mounting pressure on her to accept the Governor’s offer .

If all things being equal , the Governor is expected to meet Aishat Ahman Pategi between now and weekend if the latter embrace the Governor’s requests .

Recall that Mrs Aishat Ahman Pategi and the commissioner for finance, Mrs Sunbo exchanged blows recently according to several reports. The duo exchanged blows when Aisaht Pategi discovered that over 300Million was withdrawn from her ministry without her awareness. This made Governor Abdulrahaman to immediately announce minor cabinet reshuffle which saw Aishat Ahman Pategi being redeployed to Ministry of special duties

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