The Case For Igbo Presidency 2023

It is said if you want to make quantum progress learn from the best. The world learns from those who have fallen & risen on their feet. Nigerians should be no different. In view of this argument, Igbo’s have so much to teach the rest of Nigeria. In a world that has embraced facts & reason; while shunning pettiness, patronage & languid sentiments, the best thing that can happen to Nigeria in 2023 is Igbo Presidency.

Igbo’s have suffered the worst adversity of any group in Nigeria. The situation of Igbo’s nearly mirrors that of Israeli’s. Igbo’s have fought a war, survived genocide, thrived despite economic marginalisation in a country were they are architect of it’s independence.

Undeniably, Igbo have a greater stake in Nigeria surviving as a corporate entity than any other tribe in the country. Indeed, Igbo’s have the energy & zeal to make Nigeria greater than it is today. More so, in a world where technology, entrepreneurship, innovation are taking over, Igbo’s hold the aces. Nigeria needs a touch of Igbo discipline, toughness, courage & innovation to progress.

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An Igbo president will re-enforce the feeling that Igbo’s are not only accepted but needed in the country. If this happens, It will re-vigorate & energize Igbo’s: thereby unleashing their creativity towards upliftment of the country. For example, as the most travelled ethnic group, the country’s greatest exporter of manpower, the largest import of goods in Nigeria, an Igbo presidency can attract as much as N100 trillion (of diaspora Igbo funds) into the country’s economy. If this be the case: as Americans say: Igbo presidency is a no-brainer.

So, what is stopping Igbo presidency from happening?

There are practical & impractical reasons for this. Other tribes fear that an Igbo man becoming president giving that the presidency remains one of the greatest creators of wealth in Nigerian economy through: subsidy, import waivers, contracts, issuing of lucrative licenses, and appointments of people into plumb jobs, will give Igbo’s undue economic advantage.

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There are so many fears against Igbo presidency ranging from ludicrous to the outrightly absurd. Yet, the fact remains that Igbo’s are part of Nigeria & about the most vibrant part of it. Thus, Nigerians have much to gain from Igbo presidency. Yet, Nigerians allow fear, sentiments & outright hatred to stop them from ‘thinking Igbo Presidency’.

This is the greatest failings of our fellow countrymen.

Hence, the fact that El-Rufai has public spoken against zoning of 2023 presidency (now that it favours Igbo’s); & the fact that Tinubu has asked the presidency to be zoned to the South-West now that it is rightly the turn of Igbo’s to produce president, simply implies that they are: sadists, anti-progressives, ethnical marauders, machiavellian incarnates & dooms-day advocates.

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As a matter of fact, henceforth the moral rectitude, sense of responsibility & leadership quality of any Nigerian politician & statesman should be judged by the question of whether such person loves & champions the idea of Igbo Presidency.

Also, Buhari will be judged by history not because he is the President of Nigeria at this time but because the idea of Igbo Presidency is manifestly sacrosanct at this moment. Hence, Buhari can make a choice to be a cog in the wheel of progress or make history happen. As history will judge him highly or harshly based on his support of Igbo Presidency in 2023.

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