The Devil In Covid 19 Have Done Very Big Mistake By Infecting President, Donald Trump

The Devil In Covid 19 Have Done Very Big Mistake By Infecting President, Donald Trump

Nigeria ex international boxer Mazi ikechukwu Okoronkwo is calling on Sports man and women to be calm in view of maltreatment done to us, due to the lockdown to curb the spread of Covid 19 by various Government

Considering that the devil behind Covid 19 have reached its peak by infecting U S A president whom will soon expose the characters of Covid 19 virus after recovering.

It is calculated that God will use the President of USA Mr Donald Trump to expose the evil plot from Covid 19 misrepresentation of fact.which created unnecessary fear and lockdown in the world.

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It is certain that Donald Trump recovery from Covid 19 virus will bring back freedom to the people as Government of the people demands.

Because for Donald Trump to test positive to Covid 19 virus is calculated as divine considering that the Prime Minister of United Kingdom who was infected with Covid 19, had since recovered and He is living a normal life.

Therefore The Fear that was created by many political office holders and Civil servants over Covid 19 will now be measured with practical experience from Donald trump and other world Leaders which will create forum for people to regain their liberty from new normal

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The theory part of International politics and policy over Covid 19 will automatically be measured with the practical experience of President Trump toward liberty of the people as Democracy demand

The calculated new normal preached by various Government as way of life by Leaders with minds of Autocracy will automatically change to our normal improve democratic way of life.

Covid 19 really damage lot of activities including May 2020 National sports Festival in Edo State Nigeria that was postponed, Summer 2020 Olympics games that was postponed to 2021, Education, Church business and many more.

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We are wishing Donald trump fast recovery.

May God save us.

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