The Gate Of Hell Shall Never Prevail -Mbaka Says As He Begs The Church For Mercy

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Reverened Father Ejike Mbaka has come out to tender an apology to the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church. Mbaka revealed that he was never aware that things were damaged the day people went out in search of him and that he heard the protest was hijacked by enemies of the mother church.

The revered priest stated that he don’t have any problem with the mother church and the Bishop. That everything about him is for the mother church and he will always remain loyal to the church whom he had served for twenty five years. He went on to say that people were only looking for an opportunity to cause problem in the church but the gate of hell shall never prevail.

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Reverened Father Mbaka made it known that he never applauded his followers for the damages done in the Bishop’s house, he only hailed them because of the courage they had to go all out to look for him. He went on to make things clear and stated that he was never kidnapped by the church. He advised all to always look for their priest if they go missing.

He revealed that he has strong respect for the mother church and that he would do anything humanly possible to see that his bishop is safe if he happens to be missing, God forbid.

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In his words;

“I’m here today standing on your behalf to render a sincere and unalloyed apologies to the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church where I belong, may the mother church forgive us in anyway we haven’t done or said it well.”

After he went on his knees to make a public apology, he told the congregants that the gate of hell shall never prevail.

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