The Payroll Fraud In Imo State Civil Service And The Rest Of Us

On the 22nd day of March, 2021, following the orchestrated “Workers’ Protest” on Friday 18th March, 2021, the government of IMO State through the office the Special Adviser New and Electronic Media and in collaboration with the IMO Data Centre, published evidential proofs of the duplication in entries by the protesting workers.

It might be recalled that on assumption of office and having discovered monumental payroll fraud in our civil service, the Shared Prosperity Government, eager to ensure prompt payment of real workers’ salaries and to sanitize the service, opted for the use of automation method of payment of salaries.

To provide the needed platform that can transparently sort and sieve the issues of ghost workers, duplicated entries and the dual status of pensioner/worker aberration found in the IMO Civil Service and pensions schemes, the IMO Data Center was birthed. The center was charged with the responsibility of interfacing with workers and pensioners in their verification responsibilities. By the option of not gathering workers in the midst of the ravaging Covid19 scares, the Data Center provided an avenue compliant with the Covid 19 protocol of avoiding crowding of persons more than 50.
The Data Center provided tollfree ( no charges) phone numbers for access and rectification of Workers’ issues. The numbers are 09155001010, 09155001020, 09155001030 and 09155001040.

Despite the spirited efforts of the government to see that genuine workers and pensioners don’t have issues with their legitimate entitlements, counter-intended road blocks were politically erected to frustrate the good intentions of government. Political opponents of the Shared Prosperity Government aligned with the cabal in the civil service to continue to blackmail the government in its determined noble insistence to reform the service by jettisoning the analog method of Salary Payment (riddled with massive and monumental corruption) for a modern computer-based automation process (characterized by transparency and zero-corruption). Highly placed civil servants and labour leaders were instrumental to the departmental roadblocks to frustrate the government. The government remained and remains undeterred.

With the attached evidence derived from the information provided by the “Protesting unpaid Workers” following the orchestrated protest at the Government House Gate last Friday, it is now abundantly clear that the Government’s position of automation is for the good of all.

There are, as revealed in the data, three categories of those with issues; Viz:

1) Those earning multiple salaries;

2) Those earning both pensions and salaries with the same BVNs; and

3) Those with incomplete bio-data who have refused or delayed to interface with the IMO Data Center. The Automation App ( a computer based application) can not and will never allow those with duplicated BVNs or incomplete bio-data to be paid. The above listed three categories of “Workers” should therefore take note. The government means its 3R mantra. No blackmail. No protests and no orchestration of protest will rescind the automation process.

The crime of deliberate duplication and multiple salaries will be dealt with accordingly. The list of the culprits will be made public and the individuals prosecuted in the coming days.

Those with incomplete bio-data shall be contacted hopefully before the next pay day.

Those who are genuine workers should therefore avail themselves of the requisite option available to them and help in their own ways to have their issues sorted.
This government does not gain anything to delay the payment of any real workers’ salaries. And shall not be stampeded to continue to line the pockets of thieves against the good of all Imolites.

©Stanford Arinze Nwokedi
SSA (Gov) Public Enlightenment.

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