The World Will Suffer Economic Crisis After Covid-19 – Rev. Nwachukwu

Rev. Nwachukwu

The Senior Pastor of the Bible Base Miracle Assembly, Nkpor, Anambra State, Nigeria, Rev. Jerry Nwachukwu, has revealed some major signs and changes that would be seen in the world after the Coronavirus pandemic.

The pastor, who spoke at the headquarters of his church at No. 19 Ezendu Street, off Mesedes Avenue, Nkpor, Anambra State, said that immediately after the Coronavirus, there is going to be serious economic crisis in the world, such that many world powers, who put their trust in their technological and scientific knowledge and powers, will go down; while many other nations will surprisingly spring up and rise to stardom. He said that shocking events, which will follow the pandemic will bring many into repentance and the knowledge of God.

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According to Rev. Nwachukwu, “On the night preceding the 2020 New Year day, God revealed to me and spoke through me about a deadly virus that will ravage and shake the entire world, and will take many lives. God also directed us to pray and administer Holy Communion on the faithful as antidote against the virus; which we did.

“Today, God has also revealed to me the things that will happen to nations of the world after the disease. God revealed to me that many world powers will not only collapse, but will also come to the knowledge and Supremacy of God.”

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He said that after the pandemic, “there is going to be serious economic crisis in the world, when many world powers will go down economically; just as the outbreak will be a blessing to some nations, which will spring up to prominence.

“So, many world powers will realise that ultimate power belongs to God; not man. Operations of human beings against fellow human beings will reduce. Many nations, irrespective of their scientific knowledge, will realise that there are realms where they cannot operate.

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“As Coronavirus leaves the surface of the earth very soon, sons of men will give greater attention to the things of God. The knowledge of God will get to all the people and places it has not gotten to.”

He, however, urged the faithful not to panic as the pandemic was only meant to turn many to the knowledge of the Supreme Being.

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