There Is Possibilty Of New Music With Styl-Plus – Tunde Tdot

Tunde Tdot is one of the brain behind Nigeria’s iconic group, Styl-Plus. The very talented producer, song writer, audio engineer and a certified vocal recording specialist, in this exclusive interview with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM, speaks on his life after Styl-Plus, coming album and other matters

How have you managed to stay relevant over the years?

I am Tunde Tdot of (Styl-plus). I have been in the music industry officially since the year 2003. Being relevant isn’t my doing. I give all the glory to God. One thing I try my best to do is to be at peace with Nature which includes living and non-living things.

Did you come across reports that Styl-Plus is broke?

I never came across any report saying Styl-plus is broke but I’ve heard rumours about such which made me laugh. What you don’t know, you don’t know! All I know is I am living a good life and not owing anybody or asking anybody for money which is what broke people do.

There were rumours that you were the strength of Styl-Plus and since you left the group, there hasn’t been anything positive from the group. How factual is that assertion?

Yes I’ve heard rumours like that from mischievous people. Truth is styl-plus is a unique group in the sense that every member of the team had their strengths which we all harnessed to create the music and the brand. Yes I am a good producer, song writer, audio engineer and a certified vocal recording specialist but that won’t take away from what my group mates bring to the table which is at par with my abilities. I took a break from the group to focus on other things like my media consulting company, agriculture and to create new music.

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Styl-Plus will continue to be one of the best music groups that have come out of this country. Why do you think music groups in Nigeria don’t stand the test of time?

Music groups in the world don’t stand the test of time because this doesn’t happen only in Africa. Nothing actually stands the test of time because it’s a matter of time for such to evolve into another form. Even countries disintegrate to other countries just like states in a country. By the way, STYL-PLUS has stood the test of time because even though I don’t sing with Shifi and Zeal all the time, the group still exists. Doing new music is a topic for another day.

What has changed about Styl-Plus since Tunde left the group?

A lot has changed since my break from the group. Yes one of the obvious changes is the other members showing up and doing events mostly without me.

What’s your relationship with the other group members?

I have a brotherly relationship with Shifi and Zeal. The only difference is blood isn’t involved.

What’s your relationship with your female fans?

My relationship with all my fans are platonic and I have nothing but love for them. I engage more with fans who bring value to me. Value to me could be as simple as buying my song or even just positive comment on my posts because I can’t stand negative vibes

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Do you receive royalties from your songs?

I do receive royalties from my songs

Do you have any regrets?

Of course I do have regrets about a lot of stuff that don’t even have anything to do with music or my career. There are people I wish I never met, there are thing I wish I never did, there are things I wish I never said not because of the actions by themselves but the reaction I got afterwards which has given the much needed lessons in life.

What do you find disturbing about Nigeria’s music industry?

I find a lot of things disturbing about the Nigeria Music industry which I cannot array all here in this interview. I will mention one. People take your simplicity for stupidity when they violate on your intellectual rights thinking they are doing you a favour and take offence when you want to strike them legally. They will rally the whole industry around to twist your arm and blackmail you with a blacklist threat. If you are wise, you will pay them no mind.

What other business are you involved in?

I am involved in many businesses some of which are agriculture, media consultation and services, music publishing.

Are we expecting something new from you soon, I mean like a collaboration from your group?

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If you follow me on my social media handles, you will be abreast of my new music. As a solo artiste, I have a new single “Sweet Loving” which is doing very well and an incoming album set to be released within a month from today. With the group, there is a possibility of new music coming too. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. 2020 is a year to look forward to.

What’s your take about the government and the entertainment industry. Do you think they are doing enough to support budding talents?

Government is a thing and the private sector is another. The government has a lot to do when it comes to eradicating poverty and ensuring security because without that, entertainment cannot be at its full potential.

What’s your take on the kind of music being churned out today, compared to your time?

About the type of music these days compared to back in early 2000s, nothing has changed. As we have good music and rubbish music now, so we had back then. The only difference is the media has decided what they want to promote which is a reflection of the state of the people.

What should your fans expect from you next?

My fans should expect from me a new album and a possible collaboration with Shifi and Zeal. I remain Tunde Tdot and Styl-plus is family to me.

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