They Attacked Us On Our Holiday , Israel President Says Revealing The Big Mistake Palestine Did

The president of the republic of Israel Honorable Benjamin Netanyahu has finally opened up about the ongoing war between Palestine and his country that has of now claimed close to 300 lives.

Taking to his Twitter account to express his opinions and suggestions on the matter, president Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that he is a peace loving president who doesn’t think that resulting into war is the only way to resolve misunderstandings.

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However, he went ahead and revealed that all this changes when other countries think that they can just come in and decide to kill citizens of Israel without receiving any form retaliation from his country.

While revealing what might have caused the ongoing war between Palestine and Israel, he revealed that the government of Palestine had sent several soldiers to GAZA, a city which is rightfully owned by the government of Israeli where these soldiers allegedly killed several Israelites.

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Adding on to his remarks, he claimed that they didn’t retaliate and had actually thought of using dialogue as the main form of peaceful resolution between the two countries until the government of Palestine decided to attack them without any reason.

Due to this reason, he has now revealed that they are going to make sure they take back their city which had been grabbed by the government of Palestine who were now taking advantage of them.

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However, while being optimistic, he said that the only way in which they were going to stop this war was if the government of Palestine agreed to a peacefu resolution of lying down their weapons and leaving the city of Gaza without any retaliations.

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