THROWBACK: “Potatoes wasn’t mentioned in Bible, God didn’t mean for people to eat them” — European Clergymen


As hilarious as this argument sounds, there was actually a time people mounted the pulpit to advanced it.

Hear 1843 Magazine;

“Spanish conquistadores were the first Europeans to encounter potatoes, in South America in the 1530s. It took botanists years to breed varieties that grew well in Europe… Potatoes produced two to four times as many calories per acre as cereal crops – and they grew far faster, and in most kinds of soil. Potatoes were an efficient, reliable foodstuff.

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“Many ordinary folk were unconvinced. [European] Clergymen warned that since the Bible didn’t mention potatoes, God hadn’t meant people to eat them. [Moreso, European] Herbalists believed that potatoes’ resemblance to a leper’s gnarled hands suggested that they caused leprosy.”

Imagine! 😂😂😂. And no, it wasn’t by African pastors. It was by European clergymen! Forget their turenchi, they weren’t always this sophisticated. In fact, their dark age was even darker than ours.

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Today, our people are running around like headless chickens looking for what to believe. And all manner of 5G/COVID-19 conspiracy theories are circulating.

I won’t chide those who are being too suspicious of anything new as the sign of “end time.” I’ll only ask that those who hear from God doubly verify what they hear before they run off with it. There’s every need for precision lest false alarms numb people to the real trumpet.

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It is instructive to note that the 12 Apostles believed that Christ will return in their time. It’s now 2,000+ years and every generation in-between also believed the world will come to an end in their time. One generation will eventually turn out to be right.

Happy lockdown.

Chima Christian

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