Time For The Divorce,The Marriage Is No Longer Productive

By Austeen Anibe Otene

The ideology behind every relationship is to have a common understanding of peaceful coexistence and love with a common goal which must be beneficial to all.

At this point such a goal with the unity of Nigeria as a nation is long betrayed, abused and sold out on greed, selfishness, religious and ethnic sentiment with no clue on how to forge a better and stronger future for our children and the generation to come.

The do-or-die and born-to-rule mentality of the northern oligarchs have submerged the purpose of our collective dream and hopes.

It has been demonstrated that Nigeria cannot work as a unified entity as the 60’s held a better and hopeful Nigeria which was envy of every other nations of the world. Some blame it on the westerners but I blame it on greed and wickedness.

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At this point, if Rwanda is Africa’s wonder then it suffices to say we can do better as smaller countries from Nigeria with the North, East, West, South and Middlebelt as independent countries.

If Rwanda which is landlocked can out of a civil war, find her footing in an emerging world, then it is time for Nigeria to split up just as the CIA predicted so that we can prepare a better future for our children and the next generation.

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The present formation is not yielding anything positive other than hate and continued manipulation of the entire country by a few cabal.

Every country birthed from Nigeria can define the best democratic way of being a responsible nation where Education, Healthcare, Security and Economy will and should top the list of government’s concern. This will also eliminate ethnic and religious dichotomy as it were with the present Nigeria.

Tag this post hate speech or treason, that is okay because you are benefitting from the rot or it is because you are beclouded with an absent mindedness caused by ignorance and lack of knowledge.

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When lives and properties are no longer on for the list of government’s priorities, then there is no hope for tomorrow under such circumstance.

For how long are we going to keep quiet or pretend that all is well?

We will continue to exercise our rights to freedom of expression and speak against failing leaders because humanity deserves more.

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